July 15, 2015

Guest Post | A 4-Step Plan to Getting Eye lash Extensions

(image: Eylure)

Do you have eyelashes that are not very thick and dense and looking for some extensions but not sure as to what is the perfect fit for you. And all the multiple options available only tend to confuse you further and make things even moredifficult? Well if you are confused and wish to find the best possible solution to the issue of thin and light eyelashes, thenthe given below 4 step plan will assist you in making the right decision.

Go on, step by step and pick out the eye lash extension solution that is perfect for you.

Step 1: Decide the Kind of Extensions You Want

There are many kinds of extensions available in the market. These are stick-on, where fake eye lashes are attached to one’s own with the help of an adhesive. Then there are one to one lashes which are also pasted to the original eye lashes; but this is done in greater detail.Next there are makeup products which enhance the way eye lashes look and make them appear deeper, lengthier etc. One such product is WUNDER2, eye lash extension stain mascara which is a smudge proof and a flake proof product that stays for around 3 days. So look through all the possible solutions, consider the amount of period for which they last and then decide the best kind of extension for you.

Step 2: Consider the Length and the Thickness

Once you have decided the kind of extension you want, the next step is to assess your needs. That is, you have to be sure about the length you want your new Lash Extensions to go to. If you get extensions that are too long or too thick for your eyes,they will look weird and can be easily spotted as fake or extensions. You want something that goes naturally with your looks.

Step 3: Price Comparison is Important

While conducting research on the kind of extensions you want, it is also beneficial to gather information about the prices of different options. You must compare the prices of different solutions and the prices offered by different providers. Some solutions may be extremely expensive and hence out of your budget. But with adequate research you will find something that suits you and is within your budget.

Step 4: Safety of Extensions

Before getting the extensions done make sure that there are no safety issues with the solution you have opted for. Mostly there will be a set of guidelines and rules that you have to follow when getting eye lash extensions. For example, whenever you have eye lashes stuck on to your natural eye edge with the help of an adhesive, the professionals will advise you to stay away from excessive sweating. Because doing so may result in the adhesive becoming soggy and both lashes sticking together. Thus the below given steps will surely help you to choose the best lash extensions depending upon your needs and requirements.

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  1. I used to do eyelash extensions when I still worked as a mua. People always LOVED the result. I only had 'em myself once though. I just wear too much make-up and skin care, it wasn't practical.

  2. There are certainly important considerations when getting an eyelash extension. Of course, there are lots of good choices around but that only makes decision-making a lot harder. Thanks for sharing those tips!