May 31, 2015

Guest post | Refreshing Cardigan Styles for a Casual, Sophisticated Look

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Sophie White is a fashion blogger based in Australia. She has a keen eye for the latest in fashion, hairstyles, shoes and more, dedicating her time to everything about the fashion world. With her passion for quality and elegant style, she leads the online marketing campaign for White + Warren, a knitwear brand in New York.

 These days, it’s essential for a modern woman to have pieces in her wardrobe that she can mix and match whenever she’s on the go. When it comes to this, what could be more perfect than a trusty cashmere item? And what could be more style-flexible than a cashmere cardigan?

This wardrobe staple has been in women’s closets for years, the perfect finishing touch to a casual attire or a formal office outfit. Many styles abound for when it comes to cardigans, you can’t have one option too many. Check out some of the best cashmere choices when it comes to cardigans below.

Button cardigan

For a cardigan piece that fits snugly to your upper body, the button style is perfect for you. It also has the added look of preppy style that goes well with many different occasions. Whether you want to wear it buttoned-up over a chic dress or keep it casual and open, you’ll have fun mixing it up in your look for the day.


Want a unique style for your cardigan? Check out the hoodie piece, perfect for casual style with an added edge. Wear it over your favorite pants and you’re good to go for a stylish yet ultra-comfy look. The hood is also extra useful for when the weather gets a little too nippy. Perfect for a cool run or a casual day, you’ll find that the hood style is built for a luxurious cozy feeling.

Surf cardigan

Light yet perfectly cozy, the surf style cardigan is perfect for balmy days or lax, cool weekends. Enjoy the spring breeze with this cardigan’s perfect angular lines that add a splash of laid-back sophistication to any look. Slip on a pair of comfy jeans and you’re sure to feel the pleasant warmth come over you.

Kimono cardigan

The kimono is an innovative stylish piece for any woman’s closet. With a kimono style cardigan, you’ll have an eye-catching piece that you can fit with different looks. Whether you want extra coverage in a dress or you want to slip it on over your fave tee, you won’t go wrong with this piece.

Asymmetrical cardigan

If a funky yet subtle style is what you’re looking for, then the asymmetrical cardigan is the one for you. This stylishly unique cashmere piece has an asymmetrical open style that is eye-catching and refreshingly modern. For the modern woman wanting to have a chic edge in her look, this item is definitely a real must-have. 

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