April 20, 2015

Guest Post | Obagi C- Clarifying Serum: Dark Spots? No More!

So have you yet heard of the Obagi C- Clarifying Serum? No, it is not just another skin care product, it is an entire innovation at that. A solution for all those troublesome age spots worrying so many women out there. 

Obagi Medical has been responsible for producing some of the best prescription and non prescription skin care products ever since 1988 and it specializes majorly in providing deep nutrient therapies that help pharmaceutical as well as cosmetic agents to penetrate the epidermis of your skin and help at cellular level to reap maximum benefit. Aging, first appears on the skin, specially with the harsh situations we expose our skin to. With age, the skin, even more the face shows signs of age spots and excess pigmentation. Notice it in your skin too? Obagi C clarifying serum is your rescue system.

It works to help eliminate excess pigmentation and dark spots from your skin thereby leading to an improved complexion which is clearer and smoother. There is an even and consistent colour on your face and boy, who minds that?

The active ingredient of the Obagi C- clarifying serum is Hydroquinone, which has a 4% concentration in the formulation. This helps majorly in reducing the presence of hyperpigmentation. Anti oxidants such as L- Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) are present and they help to provide the skin with additional rejuvenation and energy that helps to increase the cell turnover rate. This is important since it helps to eliminate weak, aging cells.

This clarifying serum is also helpful is increasing the rate at which collage is produced in your skin and also helps shield your skin from sun damage and free radicals. The complex formulation rejuvenated your skin from the cellular level and unleashes or reveals brighter skin with a consistent skin tone and even complexion.

Most people are sceptical of whether or not would the formulation work when first trying the serum. I was too. I remember following a daily regimen wherein I was required to apply dots of serum to the troubled areas of my face. And believe me I had a lot of those. I used the serum of acne scars, pigmentation and age spots. In just about two weeks I couldn't help but notice the magnificent results I received. There was a noticeable change in all those areas and the pigmentation there reduced drastically. They were lighter, and I had never thought they would be without surgical costly procedures. All my dermatologist visits in the past were pretty much in vain for they believed that skin pigmentation was natural and that those spots would reduce only with proper procedures.

One thing however, you might want to be careful of before making your purchase is that in case you have dry skin already, it may further dry out the areas it is applied on. So it is inevitable to use a very good moisturizer in conjunction with this wonder product. Also, a sunscreen is a must since all the chemicals in the serum might lead your skin to be even more susceptible to sun damage.

Now to the major wonder ingredients of the serum:
  • Hydroquinone - The 4% concentration of this molecular substance helps not only in decreasing the pigmentation but also preventing further pigmentation to happen.
  • Vitamin C - This powerful antioxidant is majorly responsible for aiding skin repain and revealing brighter looking radiant skin.

Acne scarring? Dark spots? Uneven skin complexion? Obagi C- Clarifying serum can be your one stop nevertheless, but be sure of using it religiously to see the results. It might come across as hard at first, but once you start seeing the results, you can't help but keep using it. It may be a costly affair, but it is worth every penny. 

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  1. Sounds like a real powerhouse! I'm worried about the side effects though...

  2. This sounds really great!
    I'll have to pick some up for myself and my mam!



  3. Aw, my comment disappeared... Like I said, this sounds really effective! But maybe also a tad too aggressive for me, not sure.