April 06, 2015

Guest Post | History Of Cocktails

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Cocktails represent a mixture of different liquors. Today, they are one of the most popular drinks in various clubs and bars. Furthermore, they are very diverse, which makes each visit to a cocktail bar a new experience. Good baristas can make a cocktail almost from any type of alcohol. Some of the regular ingredients for these drinks are whiskey, rum, vodka, gin, as well as different types of fruit juices. The flavor of you cocktail can vary from sour to sweet. Simply put, there are unlimited possibilities when you make one of these mixtures.

When it comes to origin of cocktails, there are different opinions. Most of the people say that cocktails are primarily British invention. In 17th century, England and London were overwhelmed by different alcoholic drinks. At that point, it was considered that beer is medical drink and that obesity represents a sign of a healthy person. There was an enormous surplus of different alcohol, part of which even got to local pharmacies. All of this was caused by reduced tax for distilling which led many people to open their own breweries and distilleries.

Although most people say that the Americans invented modern cocktails (many people refer to Jeremiah Thomas and his bartenders guide as first written cocktail manuscript), in fact, cocktails were popular way before mister Thomas mentioned them for the first time in 19th century. In London, there were different types of mixed drinks such as gin and bitter. And to be honest, most of the experience which Jerry Thomas had was acquired while working in England. Although, it needs to be said that Americans were the ones that modernized the entire industry. Many people that visited Great Britain saw the cocktails and decided to bring them back to States. In time, they were transformed and modernized. So, in America they became what they are today; an extremely popular and classy drink which are consumed in many different bars and lounges.

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Similarly to America, Canada has also become very fond of these drinks. Similarly to many trends that were popular in America and reached Canada, and vice versa, cocktails found their way, as a part of popular culture, to many different Canadian establishments. Today, there is a real revolution going on in Canadian bars, where the cocktails completely took over the menus. Also, it is no longer trendy for person to drink straight alcohol when they have a chance to drink high quality and innovative cocktails.

They are part of Canadian nightlife and unavoidable element of any party. Of course, like many other things, there are certain bars that do it better than the others. So, in that regard, one of the newest bars in Toronto (and Canada as a whole) is D.W. Alexander. This bar and lounge has many different liquors but it is primarily specialized in cocktails. Great interior, resembling a gentleman’s study, will make you a regular guest. Furthermore, the entire bar has 19th century gentleman’s club theme, brining you back in time when the cocktails were invented and when they became popular for the first time

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  1. It's good to see a new blog post! Even if it's a guest post :-) I love cocktails... A simple Cuba Libre is my favorite.