November 10, 2014

October In Pictures

yogurt, granola and raspberry by the lake / Memebox Special #22 2014 K-Beauty Wrap-Up No.1 / veggie sushis for lunch / Whisky ♥ / driving a golf cart in the woods! / rosé rigatoni @ Giorgio Ristorante with my mother / organic strawberries for breakfast / gorgeous sunrise somewhere in the US / break in a rest area in Gaspesie

Natura Cappuccino Soy Beverage / Pabst and a book by the lake / a river in Maine / my Halloween costume: a ninja! / a beach in New-Brunswick / baked macaroni & cheese / sunset in Prince Edward Island / nachos fries & sangria / bloody caesar

my friend Luna from Maine and me / bike ride in the woods in Maine / river in a provincial park in Nova Scotia / planning my next move by the beach / risotto, chili and salad with friends / strawberry wine from Gaspésie / first time tasting matcha green tea / feet in the river in Nova Scotia / stunning rocky beach in Nova Scotia

beautiful beach in Prince Edward Island / egg benedict @ Eggstyle / scenic road in Gaspesie / lunch in Maine, lentil soup and three berries pie / my new sunglasses from Firmoo / yummy popcorn & movie night / glimpse of White Mountains in New Hampshire / much needed bath & wine after returning from my roadtrip / amazing sunset in Nova Scotia


  1. All this food looks so good - especially the sushi! x

  2. Seems like October has been good for you. Always love your pictures! ^_^

  3. Ce lait de soya au cappuccino est trop bon!!!!!! :)