November 03, 2014

Halloween OOTD | Staying in my play pretend, where the fun ain't got no end

It seems that these past years, I have been getting even more excited about Halloween than about Christmas!
This year, my friends and I went to a big party and my plan was to dress up as a sailor... until I learned that of my friend was planning this too! Even though I have a few more costume options in my wardrobe, I decided that I wanted to be more original - think original like my Pikachu costume from a few years ago! On Halloween's morning, I was browsing YouTube when I stumbled upon Cloe Couture's 30 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas... and that was it, I decided that I wanted to be a ninja!

I spent my whole morning browsing Google Images for picture of female ninja costumes, and I picked a few ideas from each costume I saw to build my very own with what I had at home. I wanted to give the illusion of wearing an all black one piece suit, so I opted for a black dress from ROMWE worn over some black leggings from Dollarama, black socks and black flats. I used a black hood and scarf for the ninja mask, and I completed the costume with fingerless gloves and armband from my SWAT costume. I also tied my my actual karate belt at my waist and I cut some death stars in cereal boxes to carry around and throw at random people!

I am very proud of my simple but original and super comfy costume! It quickly got hot and sweaty under the hood and scarf though but I could quickly remove them without worrying about my hair since I simply put it in a side braid. Of course, I still can't wear makeup, but none was really needed since most of my face was hidden most of the time anyway!

What did you dress up as for Halloween?

Lyrics are from Habits (Stay High), by Tove Lo


  1. Ah ben cest simple a faire ca! Moi finalement j'ai rien fait, jétais trop claquée!

  2. i like it !! you look a like sub-zero hahaha / vet gaaf1

  3. Clever! I love costume ideas from what people already have (minimalists love multi-purpose stuff).