November 13, 2014

Guest Post | How To Pull Off A Little Black Dress At Prom

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This article was written by Sophie White, a fashion blogger based in Australia. Her passion for dresses, hairstyle, and self-expression has inspired her to lead the online marketing campaign for Prom Outfitters, a prom boutique based in Brooklyn, NY.

Formal styles come and go, but if there is one look that always remains a go-to, it is the little black dress, otherwise referred to as the LBD. An LBD can be used in a variety of situations, from holiday gatherings with the family to hot dates with your boyfriend. But in spite of its versatile nature, the LBD is rarely thought of as an option for prom 2015. There's no reason, however, why you can't rock a little black dress at prom. Not only is this look sleek and stylish, it can later be replicated at a variety of other events.

The one problem that keeps otherwise enthusiastic little black dress owners from going black at prom is the worry of not looking formal enough for the event. Fortunately, it is very easy to ramp up the ordinary LBD look. There are two main routes for upping the formal cred on an LBD: purchasing a fancier than usual dress or using accessories to add a little extra sparkle. No matter the route you decide to take, you will effortlessly turn heads in your prom 2015 outfit!

Fancy Little Black Dress

Although the standard little black dress stereotype involves a plain sleeveless number that sits slightly above the knee, there are plenty of variations on this look. If you don't feel up to the task of using accessories to brighten up an ordinary LBD, you can always select a slightly fancier gown for prom. While shopping for prom dresses, keep an eye out for ensembles that include plenty of bling. This could mean dozens of rhinestones, or, for a prom meets nightclub look, a large panel of sequins. Beadwork is a great option for the prom attendee in need of a slightly demure but still fabulous look. Lace, when used sparingly, can also complement a little black dress.

Bling is not necessary for making a statement in a little black dress. This style can also be made more distinctive through the selection of unique fabric or interesting details such as peplums and side cutaways. Bandage and cutaway dresses are hot right now, but it may be prudent to first determine whether these looks abide by the event's dress code.

Accessorizing An Ordinary LBD

A seemingly ordinary LBD can instantly become a hot outfit when combined with the right accessories. A brightly colored pair of shoes is perfect for achieving this end. For example, a standard LBD can really make a pair of sparkly red stilettos pop! Likewise, a sparkly belt or a sleek shawl will instantly add flair to an otherwise unremarkable dress. Be sure to add a dangly necklace or earrings for an extra burst of bling.

There's a reason women have adored LBDs for generations: they work in every context! With a little accessorizing, it is remarkably easy to transform that cute LBD into the perfect prom gown. 

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