October 13, 2014

Topical Steroid Withdrawal | Seventh Month Update

(image: Pinterest)

September was another great month, and not only for TSW! In fact, I was feeling so much better that I decided to live a dream of mine - go on a solo roadtrip! I am currently typing this from Yarmouth, in Nova Scotia, and I don't know where life will take me next!

As mentionned in my sixth month update, my lips finally got better at the end of August - they just looked badly chapped, but I would take that over the disgusting ooze anytime! I refrained using lipbalm until the first or second week of September. They have been going well since then, with the occasional dry cracks, which I think a new toothpaste I've been using (Arm & Hammer) might be the culprit, because of the SLS in it. Next time I see an health store, I am definitely getting my beloved Weleda Salth Toothpaste!

The only problem on my body currently is my nipples, which have not improved since June. Both of them have been raw, irritated, itchy and constantly oozing. In the second week of September, I decided to stop applying zinc paste and let them do their own things, but I have no choice to cover them with a dressing pad, since the oozing stains my bra or worse, my nipples stick to it! Near the end of September, I noticed they started getting more dry and crusty and less oozy, but one week later, they seemed to have gone back to square one. 

These small annoyances aside, I do feel like myself again! My sleep schedule has returned to normal (since I am driving, walking, hiking and exploring a lot on my roadtrip, I am always very tired by the end of the day and I usually fall asleep at around 10:00 and I wake up at around 7:00), my energy is better (I am still taking these Garcinia Cambogia supplements, but I also think this is due to finally leaving the house and being active), and I did not get a flare in September, for the first time in seven months! I try not to believe I am healed since I keep hearing these horror stories about people suffering from TSW and feeling healed but then suffering from a horrible flare.

I know one thing for sure though, it's that TSW has teached me a lot. It has teached me that there is always something good in something bad. It has teached me who my true friends are, and I can count them on the fingers of one hand. It has teached me to make the most out of every moment in life. It has teached me to appreciate even the littlest thing we always take for granted. It has teached me to not just exist, but to live, before it's too late.

For the moment, I try to make the most out of my roadtrip and not worry about TSW too much!


  1. Ah Gaby! C'est cool que ca se replace pour toi toute cette histoire. J'te souhaite du fun dans le Maine!

  2. Contente que ça aille mieux :)