October 18, 2014

Guest Post | Protecting Your Eyes From The Sun

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We all love experiencing the wonders of warm climes that lie beyond our doorsteps, and in the summer we wait all our working week for sweltering weekends in the back garden. Those bright, sunny days sure are fun aren’t they?

They certainly can be fun, but they are not without their hazards, and, as this article on the BBC highlights, particularly to our eyes. Luckily we can get fashionable and protect our eyes at the same time these days.

Not Just any Sunnies

Your eyes need to be protected from the sun, but not all sunglasses can do that. In fact, most of them actually don’t. It may seem as if they do, but you need a pair that doesn’t just look nice, but lenses that will actually keep out those harmful UV rays. Of course, it won’t hurt if the sunglasses also looked nice. Alright, that’s most likely a requirement for most of us.

Why Spend More?

Let’s first take a look at why you should even bother with good lenses. Why not just pick some up for a few pounds; it saves money, right, and what harm can they really do? Well, you protect your skin from the sun, don’t you? And the truth is that your eyes are no different. Bright sun will damage the lens and cornea. You can even develop cataracts as a result of exposing your eyes to UV rays. So keep your eyes covered when it’s bright outside.

More Risk at the Beach and On-Piste

The very places you may like to spend time in the sun could just be the worst places in terms of your health. It is even more important to protect your eyes on a sunny day when you’re somewhere where there is sand, water or snow. Why is this? Well, these surfaces are highly reflective.

Yes, even if it is the middle of winter and you are going skiing, the bright sun is posing a threat. You’ll want to be extra vigilant because of the snow.

Indeed, a common misconception is that the sun is only harmful in the summer. In reality, whenever there is bright sun, there is risk. So you don’t only need your stylish Red Hot Sunglasses in Australia, you should don your shades on the slopes in Austria too.

Sunnies as Anti-Ageing Tools

Sunglasses protect more than just your eyes. If you are age-conscious, the last thing you want is to develop wrinkles anywhere on your face; especially around your eyes. Although we often don’t think of it, even our eyelids are at risk of sun damage. Over time our skin looks older with AV ray exposure. Look for lenses that block 100%, or at least 99% of both UVA and UVB rays. Think carefully about the skin products you use too. Try out Amie skincare products.

The Fashion Angle 

The trick is just to find the right pair. Want something super stylish, like a pair you find on Red Hot Sunglasses? Do you want to shop all the latest trends in one place? Whatever style it is that you’re looking for, you’ll find it online. If there is a specific brand you’re looking for check then out their UV protection levels before you buy.

There are a few other key points to remember when choosing a pair of sunnies. First, ensure the fit is right: if they don’t fit, they won’t protect your eyes very well. They shouldn’t be too tight, but they should be snug. Additionally, remember that larger sunglasses protect more skin from the sun. This is good news, because large sunglasses are in style at the moment.

Once you have your perfect pair, wear them all the time. Health experts recommend wearing sunglasses as much as possible – not just when you notice it’s overly bright outside – in order to protect your eyes and keep them healthy for the future. If you don’t protect your eyes now, you could end up with one of the many problems caused by sun damage.

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  1. It's good to tell people to be more careful. I've heard that you're better of not wearing any sunglasses than wearing sunglasses that don't filter UV. Because at least you won't look when it's too bright.
    I'm pretty sure that if you spend a bit more you also take more care of them and don't end up losing or breaking them.

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