October 15, 2014

Guest Post | Natural & Organic Beauty Products Chart

This article has been written by Sarah Henderson from iHealthMarket.com, please take the time to visit her latest blog post.
As Gaby is passionate about cruelty-free products I wanted to touch upon the subject of labelling. We see them in our everyday lives, on food packages, beauty products and more. How many of you actually know what they really mean?

I have produced this info-graphic for you all to showcase what each label and stamp means, you will find it much easier to find those all natural products - the manufacturers hardly make it easy for us to figure out what they mean, right?

Anyhow, without further ado I give you my Natural & Organic Beauty Products Chart:

1 comment:

  1. merci pour cette aide-mémoire Gaby, il y a tellement de certifications quon sy perd souvent!