October 06, 2014

Deodorant Stones Pure & Natural Crystal Stick

Because of my extremely sensitive skin during topical steroid withdrawal, I could not use my usual deodorants because they would burn and sting my underarms so badly, so thanks to the super helpful people in the Facebook support group I used to be a member of (I don't have Facebook anymore), I decided to look into natural crystal deodorants. 

In my most recent shopping post, I showed you what I bought from Well.ca, and Deodorant Stones Pure & Natural Crystal Stick was part of this little haul. I remember trying one of these 100% natural crystal stone deodorant younger and not being amazed by it, but who knows, our body change when we grow up! Made from crystallized natural mineral salts which kill odor causing bacteria, it provides 24h protection. Pure & Natural Crystal Deodorant Stone contains no harmful chemicals, oil, perfumes or emulsifies. To use, you simply wet the crystal stone and generously apply to underarm area - it dries immediately, unlike those annoying roll-on deodorants/antiperspirants. It also can be used to control foot odors.

I was seriously amazed by how well it performed - I swear I didn't have to re-apply on the second day, and usually, I can go three days withou re-applying! Plus, it is guaranteed to last one year! When my skin was at its worst, I still could not use this deodorant because of course salt stings open cuts and irritated skin, but when my condition improved, I quickly fell in love with this product. I also love how it is not perfumed, and being a deodorant, it won't block your sweat glands. I am mostly healed from topical steroid withdrawal now, but I am still an au natural girl (no soap when I shower, so skincare products, and only natural shampoos), so what could I ask more in a deodorant?

Deodorant Stones Pure & Natural Crystal Stick is available at Well.ca for $4.99


  1. Ouin, ca lair pas mal mieux que celui que javais essayé ya qq années!

    1. Je ne sais pas s'ils se sont améliorés ou si mon corps a changé, mais je crois aussi qu'ils faut laisser le temps à notre corps de se désintoxiquer des cochonneries des déos chimiques avant de pouvoir pleinement apprécier les naturels!