September 08, 2014

Shopping | Dollarama

How convenient is it to have a Dollarama right next to my local grocery store! After shopping for a few essentials for a party I held later that week for a friend's birthday, I decided to go wander a bit into Dollarama and I am very glad I did since I found quite a few unexpected treasures!

A friend who used to work in the kitchen at a restaurant introduced me to Siracha and even though I'm not usually a fan of spicy things, I was surprised at how often I find myself adding a bit of this sauce on most of my dishes! It's just so great to add a bit of "oumph" to anything, even the simplest meals such as Ramen noodles. When I saw this Dollarama brand Siracha Chili Sauce ($2.00) I figured I would give it a try.

Since I discovered that Dollarama carried Fortified Vanilla Almond Milk ($1.50), I make sure to grab a few every time I visit the store (they usually also has soy milk).

I bought this Mason jar mug ($1.25) in July, but I really wanted another since I love it so much! It's actually great quality for the price and it is the perfect size to enjoy tea, coffee, hot chocolate or beer!

Can you believe I have never tried coconut water? To be honest, I have never been a huge fan of anything with coconut - except for the scent - which is a shame since I know coconut is full of nutrients! Coconut water is low in calories, naturally fat and cholesterol free, it contains more potassium than four bananas, and it is super hydrating. I figured out I would try this 100% Natural Coconut Water ($1.00) and I am glad I did - it's not as bad as I thought it would be! It actually tastes a bit of maple syrup to me - I know, I'm weird! Now I will have to stock up on these since coconut water is supposed to be a natural cure for hangover since it is high in electrolytes...

These Jamieson Multi Gummies ($3.00) caught my attention, especially since they had the label "New" on them, which I always find weird on products that are found at Dollarama. I have seen a few supplements at Dollarama but never Jamieson, which is my favorite brand since they don't test on animals and they are Canadian. These Multi Gummies are naturally flavoured with cherry, berry and orange, and I thought they tasted weird at first but now I think they are actually pretty good. These retail at $11.99 on Well.ca so I figured out it was quite a good deal!

I have never really paid attention to the clothing items available at Dollarama before but I am glad I did this time since they have really stepped up their game! Of course, these leopard print flats ($3.00) immediately caught my attention and to my surprise, they actually had my size! It felt weird trying on shoes at Dollarama (??) but these turned out to be a perfect fit and the sole seems sturdy. There wasn't a brand name on the tag but under the $3 sticker, the price was £6, which converts to about $11 - not bad!

I still can't decide which purchase between these flats and this Microfiber Padded Tube Top ($3.00) is my favorite! I really wanted some bandeau tops for some times now but I was too lazy to go shopping so I bought a coral one in size Small and I'm really happy with it! It fits really well, the padding is great (the pads are removable) and I love that it is seamless - I think I might go back and pick a few others in each color available!

I decided to try this Top Extender Layering Accessory ($3.00) since I have always been curious about this concept. I bought it in S/M and there are two pieces in the package, a white and a black one. My plan was to use them under a top to be able to wear leggings with any top I liked, but the top extenders are shorter than what I expected, which makes sense because their real intended use is to cover your midsection and rear view. They could still work to cover my behind with leggings, but I just won't be able to wear them as low as I would have liked.

I never owned big headphones but recently I have been thinking about getting some to be able to listen to music, TV shows and movies in peace, and without disturbing everyone in the house. Since I am not working at the moment because of topical steroid withdrawal, I don't have a lot of money to spend on things I don't really need, so I was really surprised when I found these Electra Vortex Stereo Headphones ($3.00). Dollarama always carried various headphones but I have never seen big ones like this, so at that price I thought, why not? Of course, I was not expecting amazing quality for the price - I just wanted it to work and block a bit of the outside noise, and it does! I used it on my iPhone and on my laptop, and I really like it. Not only is the sound quality good, I love the comfortable padded ear cushions, the adjustable headband, and the super long cord (5.9'!)

I always like to browse the book section at Dollarama since books are usually super pricey. I bought Promesses d'éternité, from Chrystine Brouillet ($3.00), which is a polar - it retails at $29.95 in bookstores. I really want to keep this for my upcoming roadtrip when I will be healed so I will try not to peek at it!

These last things may be a bit boring but they will come in handy for my upcoming roadtrip and even in camping. I bought a 5L water carrier ($1.50) that folds for easy storage - but the handle broke the first time I filled it up, spilling water everywhere - a cute solar lantern ($2.00) that will come in handy when reading in the car at night without the inconvenience of batteries, and a gas lighter ($1.00) for cooking and lighting candles.

Things at Dollarama seem to be hit and miss, but I am mostly happy with everything I got this time!


  1. I love Dollarama and can often find some pretty good things. I get my snacks and gum, etc from tehre too and save quite a bit. My hubby hates it because I like to drag him along :)

  2. Oh les flats sont beaux! J'en ai jamais vu dans les Dollos encore! Ma ouvrir l'oeil!

  3. I love the feeling of going shopping, buy so many items, then back home and spread those items on the bed!