September 19, 2014

Project Pan Them All | August Empties

I have been slowly re-introducing very mild bath products in my routine since I still have very sensitive and reactive skin because of topical steroid withdrawal, and I am glad to have managed to use up a few products.

I was pleasantly surprised by Kiss My Face Spearmint Breath Blast Mouthwash - free of chemicals found in traditional mouthwashes, it still has a strong minty taste that does sting my mouth a little - although not as bad as those chemical mouthwashes - but that keeps me feeling fresh and clean for a really long time. It tasted a bit bitter to me at first, but I guess you get used to it.

I am glad to be done with Dove Powder Anti-perspirant Deodorant* even though it works well, since it was tested on animals and I much prefer to use an all-natural alternative, such as my current favorite Deodorant Stones Pure & Natural Crystal Stick, made from crystallized natural mineral salts which kill odor causing bacteria.

I was a bit scared to try Lady Soma Candida Advanced Cleanse after my so-so results with their Premium Body Cleansing Program, but this went actually really smoothly. I didn't seem to notice any special results or difference with my body, but at least this didn't get me running to the bathroom after each capsules! These do leave a weird powdery aftertaste though. I don't have candida but there is this talk among the topical steroid withdrawal community that candida is believed to be partly responsible for eczema, so I thought taking a supplement designed to promote balanced intestinal bacteria by delivering 20 million bioactive probiotics could not hurt!

I had a gift card to spend at Apothica a long time ago and I didn't know what to get so I ordered Voluspa Winesap Apple Spice, which was a limited edition fragrance and I thought it would be nice to test an handmade candle. This is claimed to burn for around 45 hour and I was actually surprised at how long it lasted for its average size - it burned even longer than those three wicks Bath & Body Works candles! This retails for around $27 but I was a disappointed that it didn't smell as strong as I expected for this price.

I want to use up my LUSH bath products because they are not the safest to use on my sensitive skin since they contain SLS and other nasties, but I didn't have any bad reaction with Melting Snowman and Bombardino - both contain cocoa butter and they left my skin incredibly soft and smooth.

I found these Jamieson Multi Gummies with the label "New" on them for only $3.00 at Dollarama! These gummies are naturally flavoured with cherry, berry and orange, and I thought they tasted weird at first but now I think they are actually pretty good. These retail at $11.99 on Well.ca so I figured out it was quite a good deal!

I received Etude House Milk Talk Body Wash Choco Milk in Memebox Special #11 Cacao and I chose to use it as a bubble bath instead of a body wash since I have to be careful with fragranced soaps and products containing sulfates. It created amazing bubbles that lasted all the time I was in the bath (about two hours) and it smell like chocolate milk, and the scent does last in the bath! This product contains ammonium laureth sulfate, which is a milder surfacant than sodium laureth sulfate, and my skin was not drier after the bath - it was actually soft!

I was impressed at how this tiny 36g Slatkin & Co Frosted Cranberry candle perfumed the whole room and at how long it lasted despite its size - about 10-15 hours!

Weleda Salt Toothpaste may look and taste weird at first, but now I'm hooked! My teeth have never, ever felt this clean - I'm talking dentist's appointment clean! I didn't even feel the need to reach for my mouthwash because my mouth feels so fresh and squeaky clean! I tried using my old Crest toothpaste when I used up my sample - yuck!

*this product is NOT cruelty-free

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