July 02, 2014

Shopping | Dollarama

On a rainy day recently, I decided I was overdue for a trip to my nearest Dollarama - OK, the only thing I really needed was baby wipes, but how can you not have a look around while you are there? I did find a few interesting things!

I was surprised to find a Mason jar mug ($1.25) at Dollarama for such a low price! This item can be found almost everywhere for around $10 - total bargain! Can't wait to enjoy a refreshing Shock Top Honeycrisp Apple Wheat out of it on a sunny day!

This smiley face mug ($3.00) is amazing! I prefer big mugs over regular cups, but I never expected to find such a ginormous mug - with a smiley face on top of that!  I had never seen something like this before - how could I resist? Other smileys such as ;-p and :-x were also available in various colors.

I had never tried a paddle brush before and after hearing about the benefits of a bamboo hairbrush, I decided to give a try to this bamboo wooden paddle brush ($3.00). I hurried to try it when I got home and I absolutely love how it is super gentle on hair and it is also really lightweight!

I figured out this pack of 6 elastic headbands ($1.00) could always come in handy, especially in the summer on those super hot and humid days when you definitely do not want hair in your face. I picked a pack of neutral colors so they would blend with my hair and I could wear them with any outfit.

As for the baby wipes, they had some Huggies ones for $2 or $3 but there was only 60 wipes in the pack if I remember well, so I figured out I would give a try to these Fluffs Supreme Baby Wipes ($1.50), which contain 75  unscented wipes with contain aloe vera. After trying them, I wish I had picked the Huggies ones instead... these are far from thick and soft, as claimed on the package - they tear apart within seconds and they are not really gentle on my Topical Steroid Withdrawal skin. They will do for now, but next time, I will try those highly raved about Kirkland wipes from Costco instead.

Did you find any treasures in your local dollar store recently?


  1. J'ai pris ma tasse Mason au Canadian Tire pour 2$. J'ai vu celle du dollo, mais il y avait juste une mauve.

  2. It's ironic that you weren't a fan of the one item you actually set out to get. That mason mug is super cute!