July 12, 2014

Guest Post | Must-Have Beauty Items For A Special Night Out

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The right beauty products can make you feel beautiful and more youthful in a matter of minutes, which is why every mother should have her own stash of items that she can turn to whenever she needs to get ready for a special night out. Below is a list of must-haves that will help you get started, but, of course, you can always customise your beauty routine and makeup tools to suit your unique needs.

BB Cream A BB cream is the perfect multi-tasking tool that will help a busy mum achieve a great complexion in the shortest amount of time. This one cream will moisturise, act as a primer for makeup, provide sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays, conceal and treat blemishes, and even act as a subtle foundation. When getting ready for a night out, you may not have a lot of time thanks to a busy day, but with the right BB cream (there are many to choose from from many manufacturers), you can look beautiful in no time.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the perfect way to affordably change your look from day to night in an instant. Whether you are looking for red, brown, black, or blonde clip in hair extensions, or curly, wavy, or straight options, there are extensions out there for you of varying lengths. So if you prefer to keep your hair shorter for the day-to-day but you enjoy donning long, lustrous locks with plenty of volume and curls whenever you head out for a glamorous evening, do like the celebrities do and use hair extensions. It's that simple!


A concealer product is essential for busy mums who don't always have the time to dedicate to their skincare routine on a daily basis. On top of the fact that you may be lacking sleep thanks to your little ones, you may also be having difficulty dealing with sun damage from your youth and from blemishes that can occur from today's stress. Choose a concealer that will quickly hide imperfections and blend perfectly with the rest of your skin tone. Whether you choose a liquid concealer, a mineral makeup option, or even a concealer crayon, you can feel confident in your even skin tone before heading out the door.


A glamorous look starts with beautiful eyes, so drawing attention to this part of your face is the first way to change your look from day to night. And the right mascara can work wonders at making your eyes appear bigger and more awake. Choose a volumising mascara that is meant to build large, dramatic lashes without having to deal with artificial lashes. There are many to choose from, including those that build upon themselves so you can use a little for a daytime look or a lot for a nighttime look without becoming cakey and unsightly.

With so many great products on the beauty market today--many of them specifically geared towards busy mums who don't have a lot time to get themselves ready for a big and much-needed night out on the town--you can rest assured that you can take your look from plain to amazing in minutes. Don't forget to use self-tanning lotion if you want to give yourself a sun-kissed glow, especially in the summer.

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