July 03, 2014

Guest Post | Camilla And Print-On-Print Fashion

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If you are aiming for a different look that will surely catch attention, why not mix different prints, patterns and textures? That is harder to do, and there are “rules” that say don’t mix prints, but it is so tempting to do as it can create much variety and depth to your outfit. With Camilla, mixing prints is not at all hard to do and it is something that you will naturally opt for when you see their collection of clothes online.

If you are a true-blooded fashionista, then you want a more personal and individualistic to fashion and dressing. Breaking rules and making your own must be a daily thing. This is why you get noticed. If you do print-on-print fashion right with Camilla, getting seen and capturing attention in a good way is easy.

If you are a bit apprehensive about mixing prints, adhering to some rules can make it easier. To bolster your confidence, here are a few rules for you:

  • Contrast the scale of the prints or patterns. To avoid overwhelming your outfit, don’t mix medium to large prints/patterns with another outfit with same print scale. Instead, mix it with small prints/patterns to strike balance. Camilla blazers and jackets can be worn with another kaftan blouse, but make sure to quell the tendency to overwhelm your outfit by watching the scales of the prints to mix. Match the ensemble with leggings or pants in solid colors and the right footwear that is determined by the event.
  • Some prints can be treated like neutrals. Classic and understated pieces can be considered neutral such as black and white, or navy blue and white. Skirts and pants in these patterns can be matched with printed tops without the risk of overpowering your ensemble.
  • It’s all in the family. Having prints and patterns in the same color scheme can make print-on-print less intense. For example, a kaftan blazer in brown can be mixed with an animal print brown tank or dress as a base. You can tone it down with a simple black belt cinching the waist to give it shape and black sandals. Spreading the black with the browns will help create a more pulled-together chic look.
  • Give it a break. This is the easiest to do and follow. Mixing a printed outfit with a solid color potentially gives your outfit the look of freshness and balance. Adding a “break “in solid color is also an effective strategy – jackets, hosiery and basic wide belts. Going too matchy-matchy can be boring and unpredictable. Add a bit of excitement with a few surprises.

Don’t be afraid to mix prints and patterns; these rules can help you go though it with confidence. Do not also be afraid of breaking rules; there are some fashion rules you can break to achieve individualistic and personal approach to fashionable dressing. If you want to see how kaftan and other printed clothes can be mixed with other prints and patterns, you can visit some websites that offer ideas about fashionable dressing and lots of fun ways to do online dress shopping

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