June 19, 2014

Guest Post | The All White Fresh Look

The all white look is now trending not only for the brides of the Palm Beach weddings, but for everyone who wants to look fresh in their everyday routine. The all white look is perfect for a summer cocktail party. It gives you a classy air of sophistication and glow.

White is a majestic color, representing freedom, happiness, air and so many other cool things. The importance and the impact of this color are just too big to be described in a few words. But the thing is that white rocks it all.

For practical reasons, white seems just too picky and pretentious. This is why designers are really worried about the white textiles and they try their best in choosing materials that do not wrinkle and are not sensitive to light, dirt and basically everything. And if you’re tanned there is no better way to show everyone how sensual and hot your skin is, than wearing a white outfit. Also, this is the best color fitted for making the most of the sunshine days in summer. Perfect for a fancy party, amazing for the beach and extremely hot for your lingerie, white is definitely a must have.

You have to love that there is a refreshing variety of options in different styles. No matter if you prefer sportswear, casual, or classy there is certainly a bright white version that has the power to conquer your heart. And there is always a comfortable option of a white outfit that can be styled up with colored accents.

The street style masters Miroslava Duma and Camille Charriere are the ones who are totally rocking the white color, by wearing high wasted flared trousers that are perfectly lengthening the silhouette. Also, you’ll see them wearing the amazing little white dresses on the city streets. And these white dresses are the most common representation of white perfection for daily walks.

The all white look can give you femininity, sophistication and light. It will make your skin look better and you will feel like the fresh princess Diana on the streets of your city. 

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  1. I love all white outfits. They're always so light and summery and breezy, and often very ethereal! I just tend to get stains on anything white I wear :-S