May 05, 2014

Essential Beauty Tricks For Travelling

picture from my trip to Rome this summer

Travelling can wreak havoc with your skin and leave you with a less than perfect complexion. With limited space in your suitcase it can be difficult to ensure your skin doesn’t suffer the consequences of limited access to essentials. To help you pack properly I have got the answers on how you can limit damage to your skin without taking your whole bathroom.

Travel size products

If you are using particular beauty products for troublesome skin the worst course of action you can take is to halt treatment temporarily. Purchase travel size bottles that you can decant your toner, moisturiser and other essentials into so you don’t stop a healthy routine. Think of these tiny bottles as an online casino, they are an easy and convenient option that’s a pared down version of what you are used to!

Multi-purpose products

Creams that can be used as a lip balm or any other multi-purpose products are the perfect travel companion. 8 Hour Cream or tissue oil can serve as a lip balm and moisturiser, saving you space and doubling up on efficiency. Any product that can be used all over your body as a moisturiser is a winner here!

Sun block

This is possibly the number 1 travel essential and a good SPF factor is essential. Sunblock is a must have for every climate and you should be able to use it on your whole body, including your lips. A sensitivity test should be conducted before you head off to your destination, and if you have oily or dry skin ensure that you opt for a brand that suits you.

Waterproof makeup

Waterproof mascara and water resistant make up is the ideal choice for any traveller, as panda eyes and smears or streaks are hard to rectify when on the move. Opt for hypo allergenic products as your skin becomes more sensitive when under stress and during the harsher conditions experienced during travel.

Wet wipes

These are another traveller essential that can refresh and revitalise, and also be used in a multitude of ways. Facial and body wipes can be used to cleanse and moisturise and are ideal for when travelling long distance or in very hot climates.

That’s it! These are all the essential tips that you need to follow when packing to keep your skin healthy even when you are exploring the world!

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