May 14, 2014

April In Pictures

onion soup with melted cheese on toast / a walk in the park at sunset / tranquil morning / Peach being curious / pasta salad / "If there is no way, create one" / veggie burger @ Harvey's / minestrone and noodle soup with brie on crackers / March empties

I really got into the smoothie thing last month! / cutie pie Peach with her shirt / rice with chicpea patties / drive along a snowy road / homemade sushi dinner / souvenir from a walk in the field in France this summer / breakfast / Easter chocolate from my father / LUSH Easter goodies

"Are you really happy or just really comfortable?" / breakfast in the tub / salad and "meatloaf" made with lentils / goodies from Clarins / a walk in gorgeous Parc Régional de la Rivière-du-Nord / preparing a fruity smoothie / selfie with Peach / another smoothie! / another picture in gorgeous Par Régional de la Rivière-du-Nord

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