March 20, 2014

Project Pan Them All | February Empties

Hi ladies! I know, my last post was two weeks ago, but here is my excuse - I recently started TSW (topical steroid withdrawal), which prevents my body from functioning normally - I can barely eat and sleep, I can't work, and some days, I can't even walk properly. I am planning to write a whole post about this, but in the meantime, please bear with the lack of posts.

Before realizing I was suffering from TSW, I tried all kinds of body lotions, creams and butters to moisturize my red, itchy, irritated skin, but nothing would do, not even Basil Lemon Extra Moisturizing Body Butter for dry skin, that I used to love thanks to its great creamy texture and it's fresh and sweet smell.

Containing 1/3 nourishing milk, Uriage Crème Lavante Soap-Free Liquid Cleanser is one of the most gentle product I have used on my poor TSW skin. I really enjoy the pleasant light, fresh and "clean" fragrance of this cleanser, but its texture is not really consistent, which makes it hard to dispense the proper amount of product, despite the convenient pump packaging. I have to use a fair amount of product to produce a fine, creamy, easy-to-rinse foam, but I guess that for a soap-free cleanser, it's fairly good. I loved how this prodct never left my skin parched after showering.

When I realized that nothing worked to soothe my TSW skin, I dug out Dr Hess Udder Ointment to use it as a protective layer on my skin, since its texture actually reminds me a little of Vaseline. It is not especially moisturizing but it did make my skin a bit more comfortable for a few hours.

I kept hearing about the wonders of coconut oil but I have always loathed oily products on my skin - it just drives me crazy! When I received Adara Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to try, I had no choice but to use it to properly test it... yes, it does soothe and moisturize my skin greatly, but still, that oily texture... yuck! To be honest, I quickly forgot about it and put it away. But recently, since starting the TSW process, my skin could not tolerate any moisturizer so I looked for natural alternatives, and I realized it was the time to give another chance to coconut oil. Which I did, but it did not work wonders - my skin is so raw and sensitive that it just won't tolerate anything - which bring me to MW (moisturizer withdrawal), which I will talk about more in another post.

I still can't believe how Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Deep Hydrating Treatment worked wonders on saving my hair! It has a great creamy texture so it does not make a mess in the shower, and you really don't need a lot of product at once. My hair was left incredibly smooth, soft, shiny and easily manageable!

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