February 01, 2014

Guest Post | Faceworks Gives You a New Way to Look Fabulous

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Faceworks Instant Booster Exercises give you a new way to use the No.1 facial toning program. The 6 exercises can be used as an express workout, or used individually to give your eyes, lips, cheeks or skin an instant makeover.

We all have times when we don't feel 100%. Too many late nights or illness can leave you looking less than your best. Now you a little extra help when you need it, like a secret beauty treatment to help you stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

How to use the Instant Booster Exercises

The six exercises give you an instantly sparkling and healthy look - and it's all natural! The effects are noticeable immediately: the plumping effect from increased circulation lasts half an hour or more, the general brightening effect lasts longer. Some people find the extra healthy glow lasts for hours! Use one or two exercises or all six, and for the best results repeat each exercise 5 times.

Exercise 1: Mouth Shaper

This exercise is a great lip plumper! It works on the top and bottom lip and the mouth area. It's an easy exercise to do without thinking too, so good for when you're on the move.

Exercise 2: Cheek Toner

The Cheek Toner boosts circulation in the large group of cheek muscles to lift sallow or tired faces back to their best. Good when you look washed out or you need to get your glow back! The Cheek Toners are the hardest working exercises in the Faceworks program: real star performers to give you ‘A List’ cheekbones.

Exercise 3: Eye Toner One

The lower lid is where tiredness really shows and this exercise erases all signs and helps to remove dark circles and puffiness. The benefits go deep into the eyes, increasing circulation to get you sparkling.

Exercise 4: Eye Toner Two

The second Eye Toner is great for tension around the eyes and over scalp. Use both Eye Toners to brighten your peepers: they're the windows to the soul! You can use this exercise to refresh and relax you at the end of the day too.

Exercise 5: Mouth Area Shaper

A brilliant multi-tasking exercise, this one brightens skin, brings roses to your cheeks, AND plumps your lips. It's great if you don't have much time or the man of your dreams has entered the building. Another one you can do while on the move, as it doesn't need much concentration.

Exercise 6: Face Finisher

Lastly, the Face Finisher increases circulation in the entire face to get your skin tingling: great to energise you and get the blood moving first thing in the morning.

Join Faceworks now to get the Instant Booster Exercises

Faceworks is available worldwide and is the only Natural Facelift Program approved by the Complementary Therapists Association. 

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