January 16, 2014

Guest Post | Photography, the art of today

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Photography can move a soul, change a view and create an emotion. It is the art of today, because people all around the world take pictures of places, things, other people or they simply make images of whatever they want. The world has changed in the last years, and technology is a big part of our lives today.

Photography comes as an important organ of communication. As there are more and more people each day using cameras in order to express their state of mind, feelings and opinions. There are no successful magazines, which have no pictures. Every set of news is accompanied with different collections of images that score the credibility of information. This is why photography can be called the art of today. It is still creative and the one who is saying that pictures made with mobile phone cameras are not a representation of art are just wrong. Even the best Miami photographer, can capture an important moment with his phone camera and not with the big Nikon which is always about tens of megapixels. 

Good photographs have to be of a high quality, and this is indisputable but the biggest advantage of the development of the photography is that it is accessible to anyone. There are only more alternatives today for us. Of course you cannot make a wedding photo album using your iPhone, you need to hire a photographer who will make the best moments of your life, last forever in beautiful pictures. The photographers are the ones who have the ability to play with the moments of our life. They play with the light, with the angles and at the same time with emotions we express. 

Only when you look at the amazing photo collections of National Geographic magazine for example, you get blown away by the authenticity and the beauty of the pictures. Sometimes the picture of the cruelest moment when a fearless lion captures an innocent zebra and eats it, looks simply breathtaking and beautiful. You catch yourself thinking that the image is beautiful and you start to understand that actually you are cruel to think like this, but that is the circle of life portrayed in the photo. That is what happens every day in the world, even if you are not close to that lion, photography makes you feel like you are and it gives you the chance to explore the realness of life. Today the photography is the art of the genuine world. 

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