December 06, 2013

November In Pictures

newly found love for cantaloupe / Assassin's Creed Black Flag with an ice cold Budweiser Crown & my doggie ♥ / healthy breakfast / Black Label 6,1% / Oreo birthday cake! / eos lipbalms I received as a birthday present / most awesome iPhone case from eBay / bonfire! / working as a promo model for Xbox One

blue skies / Death Valley: great way to start the weekend / selfie with my super comfy sweater / OOTD / gorgeous St-Hippolyte in the morning / scrumptious rasoberry crepe @ Cora / delicious vegetarian bean quesadillas / Guenille, most adorable kittie / my first ever OSiS products!

OOTD for a friend's birthday / my sister in law makes the most amazing lattes! / free coffee @ McDonald's / nachos with beer / Whisky  / OOTD for a meeting with a client / coolest and comfiest pj's ever / Heavently Bottoms The Little Details Cleansing Wipettes / roasted and salted pumpkin seeds, yum!


  1. your life looks so fun, thats so awesome you are an xbox promo model!!! elfin cool.

    I LOVE osis proucts, the duster is my fav, unless you put too much in then its just horrible lol

  2. Ton pyj me fait penser aux anciennes suits de ski ;)