November 06, 2013

October In Pictures

flight ticket for my training @ Microsoft / Peach's stuffed doll freshly washed / maple glazed tofu with mushrooms, pickles and cheese / Nespresso samplings / yummy sushis @ Wasabi / working as a promo model for Xbox One / selfie in the car! /gorgeous morning in St-Hippolyte / Starbucks @ Toronto Pearson International Airport

rice with scrambled eggs  and mushrooms / selfie ft. Annabelle Cosmetics Twist Up in "Vamp" / late night run / Peach found a new friend / Fall  / selfie in the sun / I love Fall's colors / OOTD / rice with legumes and pickles

dinner with the family / Vegetarian Spaghetti With Cannellini Bean “Meatballs” And Tomato Sauce / downloaded a GBA emulator and Pokemon Emerald for my iPhone! / enjoying some Black Label in the fading sun / training @ Microsoft / playing Assassin's Creed II / with Peach  / my good friend Canadian Club whisky / LUSH Halloween goodies

current favorite face cleanser, LUSH Let The Good Times Roll / OOTD for a job interview / pasta salad / sweet potato fries @ Delta Toronto Airport West / Toronto from the sky / the complete Annabelle Cosmetics Twist Up collection! / playing Zelda: Skyward Sword / Annabelle Cosmetics Twist Up in "Kinky Pink"/ breakfast @ EggStyle


  1. Cool! Cest quoi tu fais a microsoft?

  2. @Stephanie B : Un training pour ma job de repr├ęsentante pour la nouvelle Xbox One!

    @Betzy Carmona: Thank you! =D

  3. That job sounds awesome :D I LOVE that really dark lip on you!

  4. You got to be an Xbox One model? COol!

  5. @Sarah S.: Thanks Sarah, and yes, it's a fun job!

    @eight : Yes! It's a fun job!