November 03, 2013

Guest Post | How to Look Younger Without People Knowing You Had Work Done

Andrew King is a beauty consultant. He loves to help people look their best by writing on beauty and fashion blogs.
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Many movie gossip websites run regular features about how what a particularly good-looking star owes his looks to – good genes or good doctors. Anyone considering getting work done should take a hint here – it’s difficult to escape scrutiny from the people around you when you show up with very smooth skin or different eye brows. People often know how to recognize the telltale signs of cosmetic work – eyes and jaws that look stretched, skin that is oddly nonmobile, and so on.

Some top cosmetic surgeons may be so skillful that their work leaves none of these signs behind. When people don’t have access to such talent, though, they usually simply go to cosmetic treatment centers that are within their reach. Rather than putting your looks at risk in this way, it can be a better idea to try less invasive methods.

Looking young is about staying hydrated

About 60% of the human body is simply water. When your body has an adequate supply of water, your skin stays hydrated. Your body is also better able to wash skin-harming toxins out when it has an ample supply of water.

People often instinctively believe that one would need to be extremely dehydrated for the effects to show on the skin. This isn’t true, though. Cutting your water intake by as little as 2% can begin to tell on your how soft and youthful your skin looks.

The problem with advice to do with drinking 6 glasses of water a day is that people often find water boring. Sometimes, they even think that they could drink more interesting drinks like soda in place of water. Soda is a terrible idea, though, because it has the effect of dehydrating the body. Tap water isn’t a good idea, either – it usually comes with chlorine and other chemicals added that can have a dehydrating effect. If you need to make your water intake more interesting, you could try coconut water, watermelon, iced tea or fruit spritzers.

Get regular facials

Facials are an essential skincare method that can work for anyone. A facial helps you clear out your pores and helps your skin flush toxins out. Washing your face on a regular basis is important, too.

A regular sunscreen habit is the most important noninvasive beauty treatment that you can never get. Few things age the face more quickly than the wrinkles that come from being out in the sun too much without protection. Many people stay away from sunscreen because high SPF products are very expensive. It isn’t necessary to buy anything over SPF20, though. You don’t get much for your money when you go any higher.

Take care of your hair

Men can eat healthfully, exercise and stay away from alcohol. Their genetically programmed hair loss, though, can still easily take their youthful looks away. Fortunately, hair restoration treatments are more affordable and more effective now than ever before.

Unlike the strip transplant method of the past, follicular unit extraction, a more modern hair transplant method, helps you regain your natural hairline by transplanting individual hair follicles from the back of your head to balding areas on the top. Hair that is transplanted in this way is naturally permanent – it doesn’t fall away like natural hair does.

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