November 02, 2013

Guest Post | The Hair Extension Handbook

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Need longer hair for winter? It can take months to add just a few inches to your hair naturally, making it a slow process that often rewards the consistent rather than the fashionable.

Luckily, it’s easy to add length and volume to your hair using hair extensions. From easy and convenient clip-in extensions to pre-bonded human hair, read on to learn about how to use hair extensions to your style advantage.

1. Choose extensions that suit your hair type

There’s more to hair than just colour. From thickness to texture, your hair type will determine the best hair extensions for you. Generally speaking, the best extensions will closely match your natural hair thickness, colour and texture.

Speak to your stylist before you choose any hair extensions, as they can offer useful advice on the best type of hair for you.

2. Need volume? Add a half-head of new hair

Hair extensions have two major benefits: increasing your hair’s length, and adding to its volume. If you’re not interested in extra length, try adding a half-head of new hair for additional volume and thickness.

A half-head of hair looks particularly good if you have curly or thin hair and want to add some volume. Adding hair extensions for volume also makes it easy to add new colour without spending hours applying dye to your hair.

3. Need length? Choose your length and style

If you want really long hair, you’ll need to apply a full head of hair to your existing style. Choose hair that suits your natural thickness and texture and ask your stylist to apply it according to your needs.

Depending on the natural thickness of your hair, you’ll need to add at least ¾ of a head of hair (or possibly a full head of hair) to achieve the natural long hair look.

4. Choose between clip-in and pre-bonded extensions

Choose the right hair extensions and you’ll enjoy a natural, convenient look. Choose the wrong extensions and you could spend several days dealing with hair that looks nothing like what you expected.

Clip-in hair extensions are perfect for events, parties and photo shoots where you need a temporary hair top-up. Pre-bonded extensions, on the other hand, are a far better choice for long-term changes to your look.

5. Opt for artificial or human hair extensions

Hair extensions come in two varieties: artificial hair made from synthetic fibres, and natural hair cut from hair donors. While artificial hair has a reputation as being of a poor standard, modern synthetic hair is durable, stylish and natural looking.

Most people choose hair extensions based on their cost, with natural hair generally costing more than synthetic hair fibres. Whichever you choose, make sure you can safely dry your hair extensions using professional hair dryers from Hershesons

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