November 29, 2013

Guest Post | Animal Madness: 3 Prints You'll Want in Your Closet

Mason Williamson is an experienced stylist. He blogs about trends and how to make them work in the everyday wardrobe.
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Many styles come and go and come again, which often rewards those who have held onto their favourite styles of the past hoping they make a stylistic comeback. If you're looking at that leopard shirt wondering if it's still in style, you're in luck. Animal prints are making a comeback, and it just might be acceptable to don some of the animal prints you have always loved. But if you're going to wear animal prints, go with ones that are currently in style, and know how to wear them most effectively and appropriately. This season, it's all about jungle fever, and animal prints are best displayed through your accessories.


Leopard lovers rejoice! Now you can bring back your favourite print without having to explain it away. But even though you're itching to get out that shirt from last year you might want to think twice. Wearing too much leopard print is one of those fashion faux pas that simply proves you can have too much of a good thing. When you're wearing leopard print, make sure that you include it in your smaller accessories, such as your handkerchief or your bracelets. A leopard print scarf can also be a nice addition to an outfit. Additionally, you can add leopard print to your vintage-inspired jewellery by wearing a pair of leopard-print button earrings. If you've got some leopard items that you really need to part with, though, you'll be happy to know you can literally cash in on those questionable purchases by trading them in, which you can do when you visit this website.

Alligator and Crocodile

Alligator prints are finally allowed once more, but wearing a pair of alligator print pants might not be the best way to go. Instead, try displaying the print on your main accessories, such as your purse or clutch. This look is best paired with neutral colours like black, tan, and moss green. Consider pairing that oversized khaki sweater with some black leggings and heels whilst donning an alligator purse, and you've got a simple and straightforward look that is modern and stylish.


Snakeskin is a great print says you're classy and wild at the same time. As with most animal prints, snakeskin print is one you'll want to use in small doses to make a big impact. For this reason, it's best to seek out a pair of snakeskin heels. As with other animal prints, be sure to pair this with an outfit made up of complementary neutral tones so that you can make a bold impact without making your outfit look cluttered. Snakeskin also looks great when worn with dusty blues and earthy greens, so wearing a pair of snakeskin heels with a forest green dress and a couple of pieces of well-picked jewellery pieces (like a nice pair of chandelier earrings) can make for a very classy outfit.

While it's probably never going to be fashionable to go out in a leopard shirt with leopard pants, you can still incorporate your favourite animal patterns into your outfit. The trick is to pair your wild accessories with more neutral tones outfit. This way, the wild prints you've chosen make the statement you want them to, but the entire outfit is classy and put together instead of coming across as loud and obnoxious. 

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