November 09, 2013

Guest Post | Afraid to Smile: How to Overcome Your Fears of Showing Off Your Pearly Whites

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A survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that 96% of people believed that an attractive smile makes you more appealing to the opposite sex, and 74% felt that an unattractive smile could damage your career prospects. Not only are straight, white teeth essential for work and potential relationships, they are just as important for self-confidence and wellbeing. Worrying about your appearance every time you meet a new person will lead to stress and anxiety, and will eventually make you want to avoid social situations altogether. You may even have developed the habit of placing a hand over your mouth every time you smile, or you may try to avoid situations where your physical features will be scrutinised such as posing for photographs or public speaking. If this sounds like you, cosmetic dentistry can lend a helping hand and give you the confidence to show off a beautiful, radiant smile.

Show Off Those Pearly Whites With Confidence
One of the most common problems that dentists encounter is yellow or stained teeth due to diet and lifestyle factors. Coffee, red wine, smoking, or poor oral hygiene can all alter the appearance of your teeth, and store bought toothpaste and powders are often not strong enough to make much of a difference. Tooth whitening is the most popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry, and the results are often dramatic. A one hour session can totally transform your appearance, and make you appear younger, healthier, and instantly improve your self-confidence. Tooth whitening sessions can be performed at a clinic, or those that prefer to undergo the treatment at home can look for a cosmetic dentist in San Antonio that distributes take-home teeth whitening kits.

Getting Your Teeth In Line

For those that suffer from chipped, broken, or missing teeth, veneers provide a fast and effective way of hiding those imperfections, and can create a perfect finish on virtually any patient. For those that need just a little help with misaligned and discoloured teeth, Lumineers are extremely popular and have been around since 2006. This type of treatment has helped many people reclaim their smile by eliminating imperfections after only one appointment. Braces are also a popular choice for teenagers and adults alike who wish to straighten out crooked or misaligned teeth. Cosmetic dentists offer many different options such as traditional metal braces and the more modern Invisalign orthodontic aligners that are completely invisible when placed over the teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry also covers many other procedures such as fillings, implants, bridges, and preventative dentistry, and can provide a solution for any type of dental problem. Imagine the freedom of being able to smile without worrying about the condition of your teeth, or being able to laugh without trying to discreetly cover your mouth. Your smile is not only one of your greatest assets, it is the first thing people notice upon meeting you, so make sure you give the best possible first impression to everyone you encounter and show the world a beautiful new smile. 

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  1. great post! I totally always cover my mouth when I smile from my imperfect smile.
    wish I could afford to have a full mouth of veneers lol.