October 22, 2013

September In Pictures

healthy grocery shopping @ Costco / me, Manu & Gen at Manu's wedding / 5@7 Fragrances Bonne Humeur Event / partying hard! / beautiful morning in St-Hippolyte / healthy breakfast (risotto with omelette & ice coffee) / my brother, my mother & I in Wildwood / humongous salad @ Manu's wedding / I was totally overdue for a fresh haircut & color!

breakfast @ Eggspertise (fruits, english muffin, poached eggs & cottage cheese) / my brother & I @ Wildwood / can't wait to see if Uriage products can help with eczema! / Marie & I acting silly @ Manu's wedding / beautiful view of the Rivière des Milles Iles in Laval / alcohol reserve @ Wildwood / my order from romwe.com / avocado egg salad on toasts with tomatoes / selfie!

my mother & I @ 5@7 Fragrances Bonne Humeur Event / new additions to Marc Anthony's Oil of Morocco Argan Oil range / deliciously refreshing ShockTop Apple bear / healthy breakfast (scramble eggs, beans, toasts & orange) / with friends @ The 3 Brewers for Steph's birthday / cutie pie Peach sleeping / 
Leonisa Voluminous Air Push Up & String Bottom Bathing Suit / afternoon snack (tomatoes on toasts with mayonnaise and cheese) / OOTD for dinner at my brother's

faux leather watch & chain bracelet from romwe.com / absolutely savoury Portobello burger @ The 3 Brewers (portobello mushroom, grilled peppers, onions, zucchini, goat cheese and arugula, served with sweet potato fries) / OOTD for Manu's wedding / selfie with Peach / drink made by my brother @ Wildwood / Whisky, my brother's boxador / another morning in St-Hippolyte / with my brother @ Wildwood / breakfasts (honey on toasts, kiwi & cereals)

yummy blackberry beer / ladies night @ HB / delicious waffle with vanilla ice cream & caramel syrup @ The 3 Brewers / packages! / healthy snack (tomatoes, cheese, almond, pickles & beetroot) / blood test / with mom @ Wildwood / view from our balcony @ Wildwood / SeabuckWonders products

beautiful water stream in St-Hippolyte / partying with Peach / healthy breakfast (eggs, cheese, apple, bread & rice with legumes) / Marie, Gen & I @ Manu's wedding / amazing sushis @ Sushi Palace with the girls / KORRES Wild Rose face cream sample / new favorite beer, Pabst Blue Ribbon Dry / dress from romwe.com / delicious lunch (grilled cheese, "chicken" rice with legumes & beetroot)


  1. Wow yen a des photos! Moi jaime les cheese on toast, j'mets du ketchup aussi!

  2. OMG le beringer rosé pétillant est tellement le meilleur mousseux :)

  3. Between you and Xandra from Fashionably Light blog, I'm thinking I really need a bright yellow dress. have a trench coat, maybe that will satiate me? LOL

  4. Awesome photos! Love how you share this with us. This is a good idea. Maybe I'll try it when I have time.