October 24, 2013

Guest Post | Size Adjustments: The Plus Size Fashion Industry in the UK Grows Up

Carol Wright is a carefully follows plus-size fashion trends. She feels women of all sizes have the right to be in vogue. 
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The UK plus size fashion industry now features a wide range of different designers and high street brands that are creating fabulous designs for women of every body type, and many of their creations regularly feature in the leading fashion magazines. Fuller figured ladies are spoilt for choice by the number of different specialised brands offering designs up to a size 32, and the rise of internet shopping has expanded the horizons further with online companies now getting in on the act. Many other designers are now increasing the size range of their collections to cater for a larger portion of the market, and this has helped to greatly increase their customer base. The average woman in the UK is now a size 16, so a wide variety of plus size fashion retailers is sorely needed. This article takes a closer look at the UK plus size fashion industry, and examines how it has evolved over the past few years.

Plus Size High Street Fashion

Curvy ladies usually have a much greater need to try on an outfit before purchasing, as sizes can vary wildly between manufacturers. Those who are blessed with a large bust may be able to fit their hips comfortably into a size 16 dress, but insufficient room up top could result in an overly sexy look, or the inability to take a deep breath. For this reason many women still prefer to hit the high street for their retail therapy, and larger ladies can now take advantage of the wide range of beautiful designs gracing the shop windows. Many high street retailers that do not specialise in plus size fashion now offer their collections up to a size 18, and a few stock wide fitting shoes and bras in larger sizes. A clever online tool is available here that will allow to check which high street stores carry your size by entering in your bust, hip, and waist measurements.

A World Of Plus Size Fashion Online

Whilst the high street may have evolved when it comes to plus size fashion, truly cutting edge designs can only be found by searching online. Those looking for alternative, gothic styles can find hundreds of boutique and vintage pieces online, and woman in search of the perfect evening dress can find many elegant designs here. Many online retailers even offer free delivery and a next day service, and most items can be returned within a specific time if there is a problem with the size. Online shopping in the UK has now overtaken the high-street when it comes to market share, and this means that the amount of online stores will continue to increase.

The UK plus size fashion industry has made incredible strides over the last few years, but there is still room for improvement. Many regular fashion labels still only offer designs up to a size 16, even though there is an increasingly high demand for large sizes. Another area that could be expanded upon is the number of plus sized models making an appearance on the catwalk, as London Fashion Week currently only dedicates a small segment to plus size fashion. Nevertheless, the plus size fashion industry offers much more to consumers than it did only a decade ago, and has helped to change society’s perceptions of fuller figured women.

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