October 15, 2013

Guest Post | Geek or Chic: Eyeglass Frames with Fashion Appeal

Charles Talley is a self-confessed eyewear geek who owns over fifty pairs of specs. An avid blogger, he likes to share his passion for fashion by posting on a variety of websites.
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From Nerdy to Cool

While contact lenses are still hugely popular, glasses are definitely cool. One reason for the recent surge in popularity of glasses is the explosion of options available. Regardless of your facial shape or personal taste, there is an eyeglass frame that is perfectly suited for you. If you are a woman with an intellectual bent, or if you just want to look smart, you are in luck. Geek glasses for women are popular among nearly all age groups. Celebrities like Dakota Fanning, Victoria Beckham and Christina Hendricks have been spotted sporting nerd glasses on the red carpet and while conducting their daily routines.

Buddy Holly Classic Nerd Frames

Back in the day, black plastic frames only looked cool on rock and roll star Buddy Holly or the alter ego of the Man of Steel, Clark Kent. Regular people, and especially women, would not be caught dead wearing them. These days, black plastic frames are known as “brainy specs,” and ordinary folks and celebrities alike are sporting them. You may not actually gain IQ points when you wear Buddy Holly frames, but you’ll sure look great.

1970s Aviator Frames

Back in the day, aviator glasses were frequently the most prominent feature on a person’s face. Modern day aviators are a bit downsized from their 1970s inspiration, but still a conspicuous style of nerd frames. Aviator frames are often wire or metal, although plastic aviator frames are also making appearances, especially among younger women.

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A Burst of Color

If you are of a certain age, you may remember talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael and her bright red glasses. Fire engine red, electric blue and other Day-Glo colors are increasingly popular among fashion-savvy nerd women. Today’s brightly-colored frames might not be as large as Sally’s, but they are just as visible from any distance.

Horn-Rimmed Tortoise Shell Glasses

Along with black-rimmed plastic glasses, horn-rimmed tortoise shell glasses represent the ultimate in nerd coolness for eyeglass frames. In their classic manifestation, horn-rimmed tortoise shell glasses are brown. However, horn-rimmed tortoise shell glasses can also take a reddish tint. Horn-rimmed tortoise shell glasses may be all plastic, or may have metal accents to contrast with the overall tortoise shell theme. Horn-rimmed tortoise shell glasses can also easily be proportioned to suit larger or smaller facial features.

Choosing the Right Nerd Glasses

Don’t choose your nerd glasses from a catalogue or from an online description. Try them on to ensure that the size is in proportion with your facial features and that you will be comfortable wearing the glasses for hours at a time. If you can afford only one pair of glasses, think twice about choosing brightly colored frames or some other radical style. Instead, choose a more conservative style, such as a horn-rimmed tortoise shell frame or a solid color that is compatible with your coloring and with the colors that you wear most often. No matter how great they look in the store, geek glasses lose their cool factor quickly if you dread the thought of wearing them.

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  1. Great post! Been looking into getting some new frames recently.