August 01, 2013

Guest Post | CoolSculpting - Sculpt Your Body In Time For Summer Sunshine

Looking at toning up for the summer? Phil Warrington writes for Health + Aesthetics; a private medical clinic practise who offer CoolScultping as well as arrange of laser hair removal laser treatment and cosmetic practices.
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It may be difficult to tell the difference between the winter weather and the tide of spring at the moment, but the summer sun isn’t too far away and many people’s attention will have already turned to their summer holidays.

For many it will be an escape to a warmer, more tranquil climate as they look to escape the stresses of life and soak up the sun. Whilst the summer can be a time to proudly show off some flesh, it’s understandable that some people become more conscious of their body.

Sunshine Shyness?

Heading to the gym, pumping those crunches and running the miles may only get you so far and may not be a viable option for some. What people want is a solution that is painless, risk-free and offers recognisable results.

The world of non-cosmetic medical treatments is a world of research and constant development as doctors, consultants and scientists discover new procedures and advance their methods. CoolScultping is the latest non-medical medical procedure to be offered by qualified and experience health clinics.

What is CoolScultping?

CoolSculpting is a concept that is as innovative as it is effective in reducing those bumps and bulges that the gym can’t seem to get rid of. Using revolutionary and advanced systems, the procedure can be completed in just over an hour depending on your type of treatment.

How Does It Work?

Using no needles, surgery or downtime, this innovative new machine works by freezing and destroying the deeper fat cells whilst keeping your skin warm. Once positioned upon your person, you can sit back and relax whilst your body is ‘sculpted’ by the two cooling panels.

The simple application of pressure and change in temperatures mean that the procedure is thoroughly carried out and the tissue is cooled efficiently, reducing any risk to the skin.

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How Long Until I See The Results?

After your hour long procedure, you can expect to see noticeable results as early as three weeks following your initial treatment. The fat cells are crystallised and break down within the body before being naturally flushed out. Over the next 6 months you will continue to see results.

Are There Any After-Effects?

None that are dramatic. Treated areas may experience some minor bruising, redness or numbness but these will settle. The temporary effects really do outweigh the long-term advantages however and if you maintain a healthy lifestyle then you shouldn’t experience any problems and maintain a stable weight.

Is It Safe?

Yes. CoolSculpting is FDA approved and has been developed by Harvard scientists showing proven, radical and effective results for many patients.

Whilst many may be against the idea of such a procedure, if you suffer from health problems, diet issues, have trouble in carrying out exercise or mobility, or simply want to reap the benefits of such a revolutionary procedure, then contacting a reputable and established medical health clinic should be your first step.

Don’t Shy Away, Show Off Your Flesh This Summer

No need for extreme diets, strenuous work outs, needles and surgery, you can reap the benefits without lifting a finger giving you the body you want in time for your summer ‘jolly’s’.

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  1. That's interesting...I have not heard of CoolSculpting. Is this something you would try yourself?