May 19, 2013

Guest Post | An Approach To Holiday Packing

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I don't know about you but I find packing for a holiday a truly overwhelming experience. Inevitably I leave it to the last minute and inevitably forget something. When pressing the 'confirm' button to complete a booking for a holiday in Malta, I vowed to be a new woman. A new woman who packs her case like I expect Mary Berry would do - with perfection! A new woman that even has time to organise a ‘aeroplane outfit’ and look fabulous at 6am in the harsh lights of Stanstead airport - I would be that woman!

With my new approach packing, and life, all sorted I turned my attention to what would actually go in the case - what would I actually ware?! I reached for my copy of Elle magazine from last summer - I figured it was still relevant inspiration material, it was summer after all! With a head full of inspiration, I took to Oxford Street with a budget of £100. Easy, I thought.

I first visited River Island and instantly saw a lovely purpley-grey long, soft, linen shirt. I instantly fell on love with the colour and when it fit, it had to be mine. Then I headed to one of my favourite shops that actually I've brought very little from - Cos. In here I fell in love with a super-soft, crisp, white t-shirt with a wonderful neckline. Lovely. Next I headed to the fail-safe clothes heaven that is Zara. In here I was actually looking for something in particular - a pair of sandals I seen on Pinterest. As an aside - I've actually become a much better shopper since I joined the site - if you’re not on it, I would really recommend it.

Armed with my Zara sandals, I retreated home. When I got all my clothes out to do a fashion show for my boyfriend to reluctantly enjoy - I soon realised that I had in fact brought a complete outfit by complete mistake. It was never my intention, but it worked out rather well. It must be my subconscious 'summer' Pinterest board in action I thought!

On said holiday in Malta, this was my fave outfit. The outfit also looked great with a tan! I paired it up with some gold hoops I'd had for years and my new gold Pandora charms that were a recent birthday present. I also found all the pieces really versatile and was able to make numerous outfits. Whilst sipping a piƱa colada cocktail I vowed to always approach shipping this way. My wardrobe and I are now much happier as a result and it’s really easy to keep in budget.

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