April 22, 2013

March In Pictures

maple flavoured taffy cones found at Dollarama for $1 / I'm set for the weekend! / baked pasta @ my brother's / Valérie and I at #ClarinsInShape VIP Event / veggie pizza & rice / free Tim Hortons creamy caramel flavoured Latte Supreme & chocolate dip donut / grilled banana with chocolate syrup / Peach, sleeping as always / Moosehead makes for a nice relaxing bath treat

I won $13 with a lotery ticket, yey! / cutie pie Peach ♥ / perks of working at a convenience store - free chocolate! / vegetarian "meatloaf" (recipe to come!) / my first contribution as a FASHION Magazine beauty panelist! / I have been really enjoying the first season of The Client List recently / my mother found the cutest socks! Thanks mom ♥ / veggi stir fry / lazy breakfast in bed

the silly things make me happy - new neon tongue ring ♥ / Peach sporting her cute shirt / Josianne and I at #ClarinsInShape VIP Event / Barry M Nail Paint in Vivid Purple / mouth watering three cheese jebne @ Arousse with my mother / surprise goodies from Marcelle and Annabelle (including the new CC products) - thank you so much! / I was craving Nestlé Parlour Chocolate Chip Cookie Dought at work / I love my Oversized Glasses Shape Metal Ring from ROMWE / one of my favorite beer, Blanche de Chambly

dyed my hair / scrumptious maple latte @ Second Cup / lazy Peach / surprise from GLOSSYBOX - thank you! / quick & easy salad / hopefully the last snowstorm before summer! / goodies from Kiss My Face to try / can you believe the convenience store where I work sells these One Direction keychains?

probably my favorite pancakes in the world - Bananachoco & Strawberry pancakes @ L'Oeufrier / vegetarian three cheeses pizza / well, I guess beer slush could be an interesting invention - NOT! / sleepyhead Peach / veggie pastas / my brother is completely hooked on my cookie & cream oreo cupcakes / tomato & feta cheese on bagel, with dill pickles & olives / Gen & I @ The 3 Brewers / the boyfriend treated me to this scrumptious chocolate cheesecake @ Le Picasso

delicious gooey black bottom cookie bar (recipe to come!) / probably my all time favorite meal - Chèvre Chaud open-faced sandwich @ The 3 Brewers / Peach ♥ / the girls and I having fun at #ClarinsInShape VIP Event / grilled veggie & cheese wrap / tomato sauce & Havarti cheese pizza / yet another Bananachoco & Strawberry pancakes @ L'Oeufrier! / I was very kindly given tons of body jewelries!


  1. Tes mois en photos me donnent toujours faim!! hihi

  2. Heille c'est quoi c'te neige-la hein?! Ras le bol la, fallait venir en décembre hahahah!
    Nous autres aussi au magasin on vend des bébelles One Direction, la derniere affaire cest des bracelets qui allument!
    Hmmm j'pense jdevrais me faire ca des bagels tomate et feta! J'finis jamais le pot!

  3. Il y a toujours plein de choses que j'aime dans tes photos : de la bonne bouffe, de la bonne bière, ton beau tit pitou et bien du plaisir!

  4. I love pictures' posts:) Your doggy is so cute:)
    Have a lovely week dear!

  5. You make me hungry. xoxo Have a nice monday.


  6. Peach is so precious! *squeal* lol

  7. Great pics! I love the green tongue ring! I have mine done too, I've had it for 10 years already! I'm old! Lol! Love The Client List!

  8. you have the best food pics ever! I wish I ate half as many delicious things that I see in your pics=) omg peach is so freakin cute!!<3<3
    I really wanna watch client list!!