March 03, 2013

Guest Post | Eyelash Extensions: Useful Tips

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Your life is going to be so much more rewarding now that you have eyelash extensions. No kidding. You’ll get better job offers, the standard of men who proposition you will markedly improve, shopkeepers will be inclined to give you discounts, and your IQ will increase by a minimum of 6 points. Ok, so that last bit is wishful thinking. Sure, eyelash extensions may be one of the more frivolous indulgences life offers- but they’re also one of the simplest ways to enhance your appearance. As the experts at Lash Design will attest, nothing beats a good set of falsies.

Simpler than getting a facial, safer than surgery, with dramatic yet subtle results. What’s not to love? There is one caveat, of course: fail to properly care for and maintain your new fluttery forest, and they will not go the distance. Observing a few simple rules will help you get the most out of your lashes in between refill appointments. 

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Number One: never, ever use mechanical eyelash curlers. You won’t need them, at any rate. You can ask for extra curl in your extensions. A mechanical curler will damn near destroy those delicate feathers. It’s also important to remove your eye makeup using a cleanser approved by your lash technician- and to always do so gently. 

You should minimise your exposure to heat and steam as these can prematurely damage your extensions, also. And forget about oil based cosmetics in the eye region. They will dissolve the adhesive and your lashes will be the casualties. Mascaras are often oil based, so be sure to replace your old one with a non-oil based product. 

In the first 24 hours after you have your lashes done, you must ensure you keep your face dry and out of the heat. Steam rooms, prolonged treadmill pounding, marathon bonks - all out of the question. 

For more great information on caring for your lash extensions, visit www.lashdesign.com.au.

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  1. This was pretty interesting. I've always wondered how to care for lash extensions. I don't think I would ever get them though. I think I would be too stressed trying to take care of them lol. I'll probably just stick to falsies for when I need that something extra.