February 02, 2013

Guest Post | Look Your Best This Valentine’s Day With These Four Makeup Tips

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With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, you might already have an outfit prepared for the big day, but have you thought about the makeup you’ll wear? The right cosmetics can help you dazzle throughout this romantic occasion, so it’s worth stocking up on beauty supplies and taking a look at these handy tips.

Use foundation to hide your flaws

If you have a large hooter, you may have considered nose job surgery, but there’s often no need to go under the knife to get the look you desire. To correct your flaws, simply get hold of a foundation that’s a little darker than your skin tone and use it to trick the eye. If your nose is a little on the wide side, apply the cosmetic down each side to draw attention to the centre. Similarly, if it’s a bit long, put a dot of concealer on the end, to make it appear smaller.

Draw attention to your cheeks

As well as using two types of foundation, you can also use multiple shades of blusher to draw attention to highlight the contours of your face. To do this, start by sucking in your cheeks and apply a light powder to your cheek bones. Once that’s done, brush a slightly darker colour underneath the lighter cosmetic to help add definition. This is really easy to do, but it’s essential to choose the right colours for your complexion and to blend the two together well.

(image: weheartit)

Brighten up your eyes

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to look and feel glamorous, so don’t be afraid to be a little adventurous with makeup from time to time. If you want your eyes to be the most sparkling thing in the room, apply a little white eyeliner to the corners and put a little high sheen product above the top lid. Find a sparkly eye shadow that will bring out the colour of your iris and curl your eyelashes before painting them with mascara. You could even try using fake lashes, but make sure they look as natural as possible for the best effect.

Perfect your pout

Whether you’re having a Valentine’s meal at home, or are heading out to a restaurant, it’s always nice to accentuate your lips. While lipstick and gloss are great to use all year round, you can highlight your Cupid’s bow – the dip in your top lip – with the help of lip liner. Make sure the pencil is well-sharpened before use and carefully draw around the edge of your smackers to add definition. Fill in the colour using a thin brush and you’ll be ready to pucker up at any time.

With procedures such as rhinoplasty and lip fillers available these days, it can be easy to turn to a clinic for help – but you might be surprised how effective cosmetics can be.

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  2. Love the way this is written. Great style!

  3. Great tips! I love that these would work for all ages, too, and all occasions! For me, having great looking skin is definitely important!