February 23, 2013

Guest Post | Get Your Favourite Beauty Products at The Best Prices

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Saving money on beauty products isn't as difficult as it sounds. Lets look at body butter for example. A great way to keep your skin looking good, you can save on some of the top ranges if you shop around. Sales are great for stocking up on high end goodies that you couldn't afford normally, some body creams can be reduced by up to 75%. Look around. Go online and compare prices of the body creams and washes you'd like for spring, you'll be surprised at some of the vast differences in price.

Use discount vouchers and special offers to stock up on some of the best beauty must haves. For example, if you shop online using a Boots promotional code, you could find the same silky body cream for a lot less. Just remember to enter the code at the checkout. Check till receipts. Many chemists and beauty retailers give you a special offer on receipts, and yours might entitle you to 10% off or a specific deal next time you shop.

Have a Sunday afternoon with a couple of friends and a laptop, often you can get a much higher discount if you spend a larger amount, so get together to ensure that you're entitled to it. There are some great online sales too, offering designer fragrances and ranges for a lot less than the high street, so it really is worth looking around. If you use a Boots promotional code for example, you can save a lot of money.

Buying two for the price of one is good news, if you do it sensibly. Most of us get through conditioner far faster than shampoo, so next time don't pick up one of each, just get two conditioners, it's two for one whatever mix you choose. Larger sizes are often better value, so for things you use a lot like shampoo and body wash, check the size. You can often get double the amount for a fraction more.

So, it is possible to cut your beauty bill and still find some of the best body creams, conditioners and more. Everything from face wipes to spray tan can be found at a bargain price if you just remember to look around.

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  1. Great tips! Buying in bulk with others can really cut down on shipping charges and shopping at the right time really does save a lot of money in the long term :)