January 18, 2013

December In Pictures

Lindtt advent calendar from my boyfriend / Gaby's Beauty Blog was featured in Daily Buzz Style's Top 9! / oatmeal with banana and Nesquik / outfit for a cocktail dinner with friends / cake with blueberries & cream / Peach the watch dog! / my brother, Peach & I on New Year's Day / Christmas gift from Privé / Chocolate Rocket, my first David's Tea mate

first day of snow / Christmas gift from GLOSSYBOX / tons of presents under the Christmas tree! / bath with LUSH Gingerbread House / someone loves the smell of Bath & Body Works products too! / Tim Hortons donuts / scrumptious desserts on Christmas day / eggs & beans / Peach 

my brother is still able to carry Stewie in his arms / delicious New Year breakfast (don't worry, these are Yves Veggie Breakfast Links!) /  the boyfriend & I enjoying our New Year's breakfast / simple outfit on a day off ft. PETA Veggie Burger t-shirt / Peach & LUSH Gingerbread House / my new products storage / delicious things Alex made me buy! / Christmas presents / Christmas dinner ft. Yves Veggie Meatless Ground

delicious poutine / Christmas gift from The Shopping Channel / bath time treats / finally managed to properly curl my newly short hair / enjoying some David's Tea Cookie Dough White Tea / crackers with brie & hearts of palm / Peach just waking up / ELLE January issue courtesy of Sample Source / first OOTD of 2013!

homemade gingerbread cookies that didn't quite ended up how I would have liked / vegetarian spaghetti / Julep Boho Glam December Box / Peach on my bed, watching my bowl of chips and my laptop / vegetarian sauté / my other brother & I on New Year's Eve / pizza, nail polish & blog / new year, new job! / Peach waiting for my "mommy" to come home

enjoying some David's Tea while watching Jarmaine videos / my ROMWE order / one too many whiskey sour on New Year's Eve / my mother & a very sleepy Peach / some lovely roses / eggs, beans & nuts / Christmas log, cake, berries & cream / my favorite Christmas present, a onesie handmade by my sister in law / Stewie 


  1. all that food looks so yummy made me hungry now haha! cute post :) looks like you had a busy month!



  2. Love that photo with dog in the bag!!!;DD

  3. December looked like a great month for you. Lots or yummy food, gifts and family time :). Your dogs are just too cute


  4. Ooh, how is the cookie dough white tea? It sounds delicious!

    All the vegetarian food pics make me want to make more veggie meals.

  5. ta maman est très belle un beau mois de décembre.

  6. Peach est trop mignonne! et j'aime bien tes cheveux boucles comme ca

  7. Cute www.adoramehitabel.blogspot.co.uk

  8. How cute is Peach on your bed! That picture is too adorable :) Love your leopard print scarf with your first OOTD of 2013.

  9. I love all your photos! What is with animals and getitng into shopping bags? My cat is obsessed! :) x