November 09, 2012

October In Pictures

caramel toasts / bubble bath / Réserve Fouquet red wine / free Frosted Cranberry Bath & Body Work Mini Candle / grille cheese with almond & pickles / Kiwi quite likes the scent of Get Creamed Macha Grapefruit Green Tea and Grapefruit Body Scrub / hot chocolate with marshmallows / surprise goodies from Kushyfoot / carrot soup & tomato sandwich with mushrooms

my birthday/Halloween party / scrumptious McCain cake / Mario sour gummies / Illamasqua goodies to create my Halloween makeup look / I finally managed to wash my makeup brushes (once in a blue moon)! / cute lollipop my mother bought me (:

weird dessert my mother baked / my new addiction - La CourTisane herbal teas / my mother's friend's cute Yorkshire Terrier, Kiwi / I tasted my first macaron at a Dermalogica event / I received the first two Fifty Shades of Grey books (and honestly, I'm not at all that into them) / Pesto pastas / playing with liquid eyeliner / 1$ Tim Hortons Mocha and Latte (they were not even that good) / aviator sunglasses from Firmoo

Peach stealing Kiwi's cushion / my failed attempt at baking a caramel apple / Gaby's Beauty Blog made the list to the iFabbo Top 50 International Beauty Blogs to Watch and Learn From! / bath time treats / Genny, me, Valyee and Ellie at the Dermalogica event (picture from Ellie) / my favorite part of baking a cake - eating the leftover batter! / my boyfriend bought me some Yves Veggie Cuisine treats / Fifty Shades of Grey with a glass of wine / fried vegetable rice

delicious poutine! / making homemade sushis at my birthday/Halloween party / deliciously moist cake I made / goodies from Eucerin / my Halloween ventriloquist dummy makeup look / Kiwi & Peach / salad with cheese, almonds and olives

homemade vegetarian pizza (with faux pepperoni!) / brownies I baked / delicious free coffee from McDonald's / great meail day! / homemade sushis / got a cut & color at a bragainous price thanks to Groupon

my Halloween Nautical Doll costume! / chocolate chip cake & tea / potato & coleslaw salad with almond, cashew & pickles / Veggie Patch Simulated Chick'n Nuggets (these taste just like the real thing, it's actually freaky!) / another great mail day! / amazing homemade rolled cake / my first ever attempt at making Gnocchi, and these actually turned out great!


  1. Gaby you're killing me! I want poutine and pizza now!

  2. I love your sailor outfit! Gorgeous photos as usual. I'm interested in reading your review about the Lush deodorant, the natural ones I try are icky poo! XOXO

  3. @My Beauty Box : Ahah I can never resist poutine!

    @Betzy's Makeup : Thanks Betzy!

    @Venus Loves Virgo : Thanks Venus! I'm excited to try this deodorant since I haven't been impressed by the natural ones I have tried either ):

  4. The dogs are so cute! Love the Illamasqua products you used to create your Halloween look :) Washing brushes is such a chore but I guess it must be done!

  5. J'aime ca tes photos du mois! Tu nous donneras ta recettes de gnocchi :)

  6. Yummy food, the pizza looks amazing and I love cake batter!
    The sushi making looks fun :)

  7. Looks like it was a fun month and happy belated birthday =)

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  8. @sleepandwater: Thanks! Yes, I agree on washing makeup brushes, I'm so lazy z=

    @Ms Bubu: Je suis contente que tu aimes! Pour les gnocchis, il va bien falloir que je retrouve la recette d'abord ahah!

    @xXxStundonxXx: Hmmm cake batter... don't make me crave some!

    @NaNa: Thanks ladies! =D

  9. Look at all that food! Yum! All of it looks delicous!

    Also, love the last photo of you in your Halloween costume. Gorgeous!

  10. @Alicia: Aw thanks so much Alicia!