November 16, 2012

My First Docteur Fish Exfoliating Fish Spa-Pedicure

After researching information about fish pedicure for days and debating for a while whether or not to try this experience, I finally decided to give it a go when I spotted an amazing deal on Tuango - $20 for an exfoliating fish spa-pedicure at one of the 13 participating Docteur Fish locations ($45 value). I was surprised that Espace Beauté Euphoria, a salon/spa 20 minutes away from where I live, offered this service so I knew I had to jump at the chance, and I also bought a coupon for my mother.

As we stepped inside the spa, I was imediately impressed by the welcoming, chich and modern environment of Espace Beauté Euphoria with its black and white deco - very zen!

We were greeted by a very lovely and smiling lady who offered us an absolutely delicious raspberry tea and answered our many questions very patiently - I learned that they also offered various esthetic services such as hairstyling, laser, lash extensions, spray tan, etc.

The spa has a separate room for the Docteur Fish pedicure with dim lighting, a TV and two beautiful color changing fish tanks, which call for a blissfull 30 minutes of relaxation. The lady who greeted us proceeded to disinfect our feet before allowing us to dip them in the tank, where it did not take long for the Garra Rufas to happily swarm to our toes! 

We were warned that the first five minutes were the hardest, especially for ticklish people like me, but honestly, I was not able to relax at all because the sensation was too funny! It's a bit of a tingling sensation -  I felt like my feet were asleep - but the worst was when the toothless fishes were eating the dead skin under my feet - I seriously had to struggle to keep my feet in the water because it was super ticklish!

While I thought the whole process was hilarious, my mother nearly fell asleep! The 30 minutes went by super quickly, and the smiling lady came back into the room to help us out of the tank, exfoliate our feet and then slather on some moisturizing lotion before allowing us to put our socks and boots back on. 

I really enjoyed the experience, although I did not really get to relax, but when I came home, I rushed to touch my feet and they were seriously incredibly smooth, almost as much as a baby's bottom - I could not believe it!

I am still not sure what to think about fish pedicures though - some say there are absolutely no harm caused to the fishes because they could not be happier to be fed dead skin - as disgusting as it sounds - but on the other hand, since the Garra Rufas originate from Turkey, I wonder in which conditions they manage to make it to Canada... Also, this procedure has been banned in a few US states and some Canadian provinces because of health concerns - even though we have been told that the tanks were filtered 20 times a day, and they do a "backwash" after each customer.

Euphoria Espace Beauté
15 Chemin Grande-Côte, Suite 102
Saint-Eustache, QC, J7P 5L3

I am personally more concerned by the well-being of the fishes themselves, but I have not found any information regarding this from PETA or any other animal protection association. What do you think? 


  1. Haha!! Souns funny;DD But to be hones I would not dare ;DDD That's not for me;DD

  2. Personnellement, je ne sais pas encore trop quoi en penser... mais j'aimerais aussi tenter l'expérience hihi! Quoique, je pense que moi non plus, je ne relaxerais pas trop ahah!

  3. I've never been tempted to try the fish pedicure they're actually banned in the uk now!

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  4. HAHA I had heard of this, but never seen it. I don't know why but I find this too hilarious, I think I pictured the fish being like piranas or something, but they're so tiny! I know I'd have trouble too, I am so ticklish on my feet

  5. FUN! Your brave. I wanted to try this but got scared. Happy Friday XOXO

  6. wow. Yeah I agree with you about the fish. I've never seen any places where that's available anywhere in Florida but I don't know if it's legal or illegal here. A friend of mine had a pedi like that in Japan and she felt like it was a gimmick. I mostly do my nails at home but it's nice to get a pedi once in a while. Hope you're having a good weekend :o)

  7. It IS interesting but I would be way too freaked out! Good for you for being so brave haha

  8. I would really like to try that myself, but am also super ticklish. I wonder about the fish's health too, what if they are fed too much or something, or if the person has foot fungus? I think if PETA hasn't been saying anything about it then it should be alright