August 24, 2012

Shopping | Apothica

I know, it has been a long time since I featured a shopping post on the blog but the truth is that I don't shop often because I really want to use up some of my stuff first. Still, I wanted to use up my Apothica gift card before it expired so after my positive experience with XEN-TAN Deep Bronze Instant Self-Tan I figured that it would be a great time to try XEN-TAN Deep Bronze Luxe ($39), which promises a darker tan. I also decided to try XEN-TAN Deluxe Tanning Mitt ($6) because I found that when I apply a self tanner with gloves, it goes on a bit streaky and patchy, which is incredibly annoying! I have also been told that a mitt makes the process easier and quicker.

I must say I was a bit disappointed with Apothica this time, here is why. When browsing for my items, I noticed that both were out of stock, but the weird thing is that I was still given the option to add them to my cart, which I did because I thought maybe it was an error of some kind. I proceeded on placing my order on July 25, and the same day, I received a confirmation email. About half an hour later, I received two emails saying the same thing:

At least they mentioned that the items would be automatically shipped, but I still think it's a weird practice because usually, when an item is out of stock, you don't have the option to order it as if everything was normal, only to be told after that it is out of stock! Or am I just weird? Not to mention that I chose the fastest shipping option at $25 - really?! - to receive my order in three days, but of course, that was a total waste, and that 15% off coupon surely won't make up for it.

On August 1st, I received an email saying that both items were back in stock, and another one to tell me that my order has been shipped. One week later is not that bad, I guess, the problem is that I did not receive my order until August 9, which is more than a week later, when I specifically paid to receive it three days later... and it's not the first time this happens! Also, I just don't understand why their shipping fees are so high, I mean, they are shipping from Utah to Canada, not to a foreign country! Oh well.

Can you see that weird spillage on the bottom of the tube, on the 'Dark' label...?

But it does not stop there! When I finally received my order, I was a bit disappointed to see that my tube of XEN-TAN had some spillage on it, and also, the mitt did not look like the one pictured on the website - mine just feels and looks cheap, compared to what I was expecting! I mean, I only used it two times, and it already shows bad signs of usage...

On a positive note, I like how they always make sure to include some free samples in each of my orders. I received a sample of CellCeuticals PhotoDefense Daily Skin Protector SPF 55+ which I will give to my mother and a sample of NUXE Fondant Body Scrub, which I'm excited to try as NUXE products rarely disapppoint!


  1. Can you see if you can get the shipping charge refunded? That's really naughty of them! xx

  2. Can you see if you can get the shipping charge refunded? That's really naughty of them! xx

  3. I had the same issue. Paid for 3 day shipping but it took a week. Never botheres to ask why yet. Guess I should if I want an answer too. Have had any issues with any products I have orderes yet. Knock on wood. Hope that I don't.

  4. I need to use up some old stuff too. Those look interesting. Have a great weekend sweetie! XOXO

  5. En effet, c'est ordinaire de se faire dire après que le produit n'est plus en stock :/

    C'est dommage pour toutes ces petites péripéties!

  6. XEN TAN is really cool , just make sure you follow the instructions carefully !!!

  7. I'm still desperate to try the Xen tan! x

  8. @Sian : Yeah I know, but since I used a gift card, I figured it's not so bad... and also, I'm lazy ahahah

    @Tasha W : Aww you too? I was wondering if it was because I live in Canada... how weird! And it's not the first time it happened to me z=

    @glittermeup : Never had any problem with XEN-TAN as of now (:

    @Kate : It's pricey but absolutely owrth it! The results are almost always flawless on me!

  9. This happened to me too when I ordered a few lipsticks from MAC canada. I figured it was nothing biggie coz they just took out the shipping fee because of the back order