August 20, 2012

July in Pictures

limited edition Birthday Cake ice cream, yum! / @ Geneviève & Robin's wedding / absolutely delicious homemade sushis / healthy salad w/ avocado, almond and cheese / relaxing in my backyard w/ a super old Cosmopolitan issue and a yummy McDonald's smoothie / hearthy egg, beans and toast breakfast

my new hair / delicious omelette w/ green pepper, mushroom and cheese / homemade pizza / camping in my backyard! / english muffin sandwich / the girls and I at Geneviève a& Robin's wedding

yummy glazed fruit cake / at the wedding / clubbing @ AQUA Restaurant Bar / veggie dogs / healthy snack / the newlyweds / veggie pastas


  1. really nice pics!
    Are you soooo tan only cuz' of the st.moriz? I need to use mine hehe :)

  2. You look AMAZING in that pink dress!!!!

  3. Look at all that food! Yum! Love the new hair.

  4. I really love that dress. And now I'm hungry :-/ Not b/c of the dress, b/c of all the foodie pics :P

  5. Delicious looking food as always!

    The Wedding looks like such a lovely day, awesome photos x

  6. J'aime énormément ce genre d'article !
    Tu es superbe sur la photo "My new hair" ;)

  7. it suits you so much to be tanned !!!

  8. T'étais super jolie au mariage de ton amie! xx

  9. @Passing fancy (Sara) : Yes, it's all thanks to St Moriz 'Dark' Mousse! This sh*t is LOVE!

    @Sarah Bee @Alicia : Aww thanks huns!

    @Crazy Brunette : Merci, tu es trop gentille! Je suis triste que le mauve ne tienne pas plus longtemps par contre ):

    @GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle : Thank you (:

    @glittermeup : Thanks, I absolutely love it!

    @Genny: Aww merci Genny (:

  10. C'est vrai que c'est dommage, ça te va super bien en tout cas :)