June 06, 2012

#DevoilementAnnabelle - Annabelle's New Campaign With Marie-Mai

Monday, I had the amazing opportunity to attend a fabulous event held in the luxurious Loft Hotel, organized by Groupe Marcelle and Agence Tuxedo to celebrate Annabelle's new campaign to unveil their new face, Marie-Mai!

Marie-Mai, a Canadian singer and songwriter, who has achieved no fewer than three platinum albums since beginning her career, has been using Annabelle makeup for years and I will have to agree that with her fierce glam rock look, she represents the brand very well.

I can't believe I had the opportunity to have my picture taken with Marie-Mai!

Again, I had the pleasure to meet some gorgeous and amazing ladies - and even a pretty awesome guy - yes, I'm talking about Jean-François from YouTube!

Josianne, Valyee, Josianne, me and Sanya

Valyee, Alexandra, Genny and me

With Josianne and Ellie

Josianne, me, Valyee, Genny, Josianne and Saya

 In the afternoon, I met up with Valyee and Josianne who came a long way especially to attend this event, then we did a bit of shopping with Genny before heading to the Loft Hotel. There, we met  JosianneSanyaEllie, Marie and even Alexandra, who had to drive 2 hours to come to Montreal!

We were also introduced to some new products from Marcelle and Annabelle - the ones that caught my attention the most were the TwistUp, a retractable lipstick crayon that goes on soooooo smoothly, creamy and pigmented, and the new BB range - yes, a first in the beauty industry! - which consists of the SPF15 BB Cream - yey, finally! - and a new anti-ageing version with SPF 20, the BB Cream-to-Powder, the BB Compact Makeup, and finally, the BB Skin Retouch Crayon.

Of course, we did not leave empty-handed - stay tuned for my thoughts on Marcelle and Annabelle's new products!

Big thanks to Marcelle/Annabelle and Agence Tuxedo for putting together such a fabulous event!


  1. Chanceuse! J'aime Marie-Mai et je suis contente qu'elle et Annabelle fasse équipe!

    J'ai hate de voir ca cette gamme BB! J'espère qu'elle sort avant que je retourne en Europe!

  2. Wow ta photo avec Marie-Mai est réussie! Côté beauté, tu n'as absulument rien à lui envier! :)

  3. Nice!
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    follow me back? xx

  4. I wish i had anabelle here is the us

  5. Ahh, it looks like it was such a fun event! I really wish brands did more events out here on the west coast.

    Also, you look lovely!

  6. @ My Beauty Box: It was great seeing you Ellie (:

    @Nicolka Mikaze : Awww merci!!!

    @Betzy's Makeup : You could always order on their website or over the phone, just check out their website!

  7. very cool post!! I imagine it was a ton of fun :))