January 05, 2012

MAC Angel Lipstick

I feel silly writing a post about this lipstick - I bet everybody knows about it already as it's been a MAC bestseller for what seems like forever but I couldn't resist - I am in love!

If you have been reading my blog for some times, you must know by now that I'm not really into high end brands. Yes I own a couple of expensive beauty products but I have rarely purchased them by myself - I have either won them, received them courtesy of a company for review purposes or they were a gift from a friend or family member. Since I've started blogging, I have became more and more curious about MAC - especially about their lipsticks.

Spending $15 on a lipstick always appeared supid to me - I mean, I've always been happy with drugstore products, not to mention I hardly ever wore lipstick before! That's until I won my very first MAC lipstick (Lazy Day) in a giveaway (thank you so much again Kim!) and that's it - that's all it took to completely change my mind.

Being a full-time University student, I have a tight budget. Sure, I have worked hard before going to Uni to be able to entirely pay for it without having to work while studying (I was afraid my grades would drop) and to be able to afford a house when I'll be done with it, but that doesn't allow me to blow my hard-earned money on things I don't really need. That's why I'm not able to afford MAC lipsticks for now, but I have been incredibly lucky to have won some in blogs giveaways - Angel being one of them.

I won Priscilla's Facebook giveaway some time ago. The prize was a MAC lipstick of my choice and of course, I absolutely didn't know which one to choose so I decided to play it safe and go for Angel as it seems to be such a staple. From the swatches on the net, I really didn't know what to expect as it seemed to look different on everyone! I was afraid it would wash me out because I'm so pale not to mention that the frost finish scared me a bit, but I absolutely love it!

It actually reminds me a lot of Creme Cup, which I love. I have naturally pale lips and Angel seems to be a my-lips-but-better shade.

Angel is simply described as a soft pink, but it appears quite dark on the MAC website and it even looks a little mauvey to me, so I didn't know what to think because of the swatches I have seen on the net where it appears quite pale. It was such a nice surprise when I put it on for the first time! I think I have found my new favorite lisptick. Thank you soooo much Priscilla!

*This products is NOT cruelty-free


  1. i heard a lot about this lipstick but never properly seen swatches of it. absolutely gorgeous colour def on my wishlist

  2. this looks stunning on you! :D

  3. Oh my goodness, this is such a pretty color! I have yet to try their lipsticks but I think that will be the first MAC thing I try when I do buy something! Maybe even this shade. I just love the color!

  4. It looks so pretty on you...n looks mlbb too


  5. yeah MAC is pretty pricy...but i love it. that color is amazing on u! congrats on winning giveaways!!

  6. @ Beauty Fiend : Oh really? I've literally scoured the net for swatches before making up my mind because this is the kind of shade that seems to look different on everyone!

    @Kelly @ Cynthia Z : Thanks huns, I LOVE it!

    @ Miranda : You haven't tried any of their lipsticks? I honestly never thought I would one day but I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to try some for free! I think Angel is definitely a great starter shade (:

    @Hershley's Sweet Kiss : Thanks! I'm sooooo happy =D

  7. Très joli sur toi Gaby :)

  8. Love Mac lipsticks. I really want to get this, but have heard it is so simlar to Mac Creme Cup. I know I will cave at some point and get it. x

  9. Nope, haven't tried anything MAC yet...someday soon hopefully! haha

  10. Mon chum me l'a offert l'an passe, et je l'aime bien (le chum et le rouge a levres, haha!)

  11. I have had this lipstick on my wishlist for years now! I'm like you though, I find it hard to spend that much on a lipstick! It is very beautiful and someday soon I will pick it up. :)

  12. Je n'ai que 4 rouges à lèvres MAC, dont celui-ci! C'est vrai que c'est une belle couleur!

  13. Awww your so welcome Gaby!! I'm glad you love your lippie!! and thank you for being an awesome supporter!! =)

  14. So soft and pretty - I don't think I've seen this color look bad on anyone yet! I love their scent of their lipsticks ;)

  15. Gorgeous colour! It really suits you :) I tried this on in a store and unfortunately it was a bit too pale for me xx

  16. Love that color! Really suits you! ^_^

  17. That is a very pretty color!!

  18. That looks like a beautiful color. I've never bought a high end lipstick because i find the drugstore ones to be quite good. Good pick with the color!


  19. This is really gorgeous on you! I have never even tried this shade on, I will have to the next time I'm near a MAC counter!

  20. La couleur est superbe et tes lèvres pourraient être dans un reportage beauté de magazine.
    Je te comprends de faire attention à tes sous, quand on est à l'université le budget est serré (j'ai aussi passé par là et ça nous fait apprécier la valeur des choses par la suite).
    À bientôt!


  21. aujourdhui je veins de m'Acheter mon premier mac j'Ai choisi kinda sexy , oui c'est cher mais je l'adore je vais peut etre m'Acheter angel d'ici quelques mois , en réalité ca coute 17.50$+taxes ca fait dans les 20$ c'est cher pour un rouge à levres mais comme je n'ai jamais eu la chance d'essayer du mac alors...

  22. wow la couleur va bien sur toi!!

  23. This is one of my fave MAC lippies! So pretty on you!

  24. I definitely want to pick this up next time I need a lipstick <3 So pretty!

  25. This is such a beautiful color on you Gaby! I will keep this color in mind, although I don't normally buy much from MAC.

  26. ohh so pretty on your lips!! I rarely wear lipsticks now so no MAC for me yet!

  27. This is actually one of my favorite lipsticks too! Looks very pretty on you :D

  28. this is such an exquisite color and looks incredible on you! so wanna get my hands on it! :) x


  29. @PtiteMeve : Merci (:

    @Bright Town Girl : I know, I have both and I'm still not sure which one I prefer! I really love the super creamy texture of Creme Cup and I wish Angel wasn't a frost, even though it doesn't really look like one!

    @ Miranda : As long as you're happy with drugstore lipsticks, I don't think there is any need for MAC honeslty, but I have to admit thattheir texture and smell is incredible! I have yet to find a drugstore lipstick that is really similar, even though the ones from Revlon are quite good (:

    @Ms Bubu : Chanceuse!

    @ Alicia : I agree, especially when there's some good drugstore dupes out there, but nothing quite compares to MAC's formula.

    @ Sanya : On dirait qu'elle va à presque tout le monde!

    @Priscilla : Thank YOU Priscilla! (:

    @ WitchHazel : I agree, it seems to be a universally flattering shade.

    @.x.Sarah.x. : Oh really? That's what I was afraid of at first but you know, I just HAD to try it (:

    @ Elizabeth King : Thanks hun!

    @Hunter87 : Isn't it?

    @ MaviDeniz : I totally agree, me neither! The MAC lipsticks I have, I won them (:

    @ Sari : You totally should (:

    @ Look.Inside.My.Closet : Exactement! Même si je travaille, c'est seulement à temps partiel donc je ne peux pas trop rien me permettre. Quant à mes lèvres, merci, mais elles sont constamment sèches ):

    @beauty combat : Oh Kinda Sexy c'est un matte non? Je crois qu'il est plutôt nude?

    @petitechoux: Merci (:

    @ Tracy@Beauty Reflections : Thanks hun!

    @Sarah S. : I think it's definitely a must-have!

    @Rinny : You should check out these drugstore dupes if you don't want to pay for MAC: Revlon Primrose and Avon Pout.

  30. This color is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to have this color!

  31. Thanks for sharing I love learning about new nudes. Not all of us know about all the bestsellers..lol!

  32. Love this lipstick, it's one of my faves!!<3