December 06, 2011

Shopping: The Body Shop, Wal-Mart, San Francisco & Giant Tiger

San Francisco knit cardigan on sale for $10.99 I never thought this store was carrying interesting things until I saw this rack of items on sale for only $10.99! Most of the clothes in this store are pretty pricey (well, at least for my budget) so you can imagine my surprise when I spotted this cozy cardigan and yes, they had my size! It's very soft but oh so warm, even if it appears to be made of a thin material. At first sight, I thought the cut looked strange (it doesn't fit close to the body) but I like to cinch it at the waist with a big belt.

San Francisco sweater on sale for $10.99 The problem with my wardrobe is that I don't have a lot of long sleeves tops, so when I spotted this sweater on the sale rack, I immediately grabbed an X-Small and rushed to try it and yey, it fitted! I wish it was a little bit longer so I could wear it comfortably with leggings but because of the opening on the front, it does look a bit strange. I still like the mix of black and purple though!

Betty Crocker scented candles on sale 3 for $10 I can never resist scented candles, especially at such a nice price! When I was flipping through Giant Tiger's weekly flyer, I immediately spotted them and I knew I had to have them! I never knew that Betty Crocker had scented candles (they aren't listed on their website) so that was a nice surprise, but there's always nice little surprises at Giant Tiger (: There was only three scents available so I picked one of each, even though Strawberry Shortcake was the one that smelled the yummier in the store, but I must say I was quite disappointed when I lit them once I got home as you have to litteraly stuff your nose in the jar to get the slighted hint of scents. The two other scents were Blueberry Pie and Cherry Pie, but please don't go wasting your money on these.

Pepperidge Farm scented candles on sale 3 for $10: I got fooled once again! I actually bought these at Giant Tiger before buying the ones from Betty Crocker and they smelled nothing, so I thought maybe I would be less disappointed with the ones from Betty Crocker because... I really don't know why as Pepperidge Farm is a well known brand too, but oh well, at least they didn't cost me a fortune, and it's always nice to have candles laying around the house. I picked up Verona Apricot Raspberry, Apple Caramel and Strawberry.

Mitchum Anti-Perspirant & Deodorants on sale $2.97 each: I went to Wal-Mart because I saw in their flyer that got2b products were on sale for $3.97 and I seem to be on a never-ending quest for their Powder'ful Volumizing Styling Powder, but once again, it wasn't available. I'm starting to think my local Wal-Mart doesn't even carry it. I also saw in the flyer that Mitchum anti-perspirants and deodorants were on sale for a nice price and in an attempt to go completely cruelty-free (which I doubt is really possible), I figured I would give them a try (Mitchum is owned by Revlon). As I'm enjoying my current Secret Scent Expressions gel (which is not cruelty-free) because it dries really fast, I decided to try Mitchum PowerGel Flower Fresh and Shower Fresh and as there was only one Advanced Control Utltimate Strength & Protection left, I guessed it must be good, so I picked it up as well.

My order from The Body Shop on sale 3 for $30 : I kept the best for last, of course! Yes, until very recently, I was a Body Shop virgin because as much as I've wanted to try their body butters, I always thought they were too pricey for me - come on, why would I want to pay $18 for a 200mL body butter that I can find at Wal-Mart for only $6 (I'm talking about SPAresource body butters)? I've always been happy with those drugstore body butters but I ran out of them and my eczema always seems to worsen in the winter and there's no way I will use a body lotion instead, it's just not enough moisturizing.

So I stumbled accross The Body Shop's 3 for $30 offer on their whole website, and I figured out it was the perfect time to give those mystical butters a try as they would cost only $10 each. Even the jumbo size (400mL) was included in the special and trust me, I would have ordered only the jumbo size if I could, but they were sold out except in Shea and Mango, so here is what I ordered, for a total of $68.35:
  • Coconut 200mL
  • Cocoa 200 mL
  • Brazil Nut 200 mL
  • x2 Shea 400mL
  • Mango 400 mL

I chose to play it safe and order only the scents that were designed for dry or very dry skin because I really didn't want to be disappointed.

I placed my order on November 25 and I received a confirmation email telling me that my order was currenly being processed and that I would receive another email when my order was shipped - which I never got and I was a bit worried - and I received the package on Thursday, which is pretty good. I wasn't expecting such a big box so I was super excited to see it! I'm not sure how I feel regarding the Purolator man as I wasn't at home when he delivered my order so he just left it on the porch for everyone on the street to see and the butters were all hard and cold... oh well, at least I got them, and I didn't had to go to the Purolator office to claime my package! I love how the butters were carefully packed (:

L - R: 200mL and 400mL body butters

Even though I was warned, let me confirm that yes, the jumbo size are really jumbo! I wonder how long they will last me, I only hope they won't go bad too soon! I have started using the Shea jumbo body butter and so far, I'm loving it, the texture is dreamy - exactly what I was expecting! - and I can't wait to see if these butters will help with my eczema.

The body butters are still $10 on The Body Shop website and you get free shipping with any purchase of $40 (be sure to check out RetailMeNot for coupons before ordering!)


  1. j'aime beaucoup ton look , ca te va super chic surtout le cardigan .

  2. Beaux achats =) valeur pour les chandelles, y on dlair a sentir tellement bon =(

  3. Wow je pense que je vais aller faire un tour chez San Francisco moi avec des deals comme ça! :)

  4. I really really realllyyyyy like the first cardigan! I like it open, but I think it'll look really nice belted as well. I'm like seriously in love with it.

    I purchased TBS body butters a few times, and they're nice and I like to keep them in my purse/backpack to use for my hands. I have the grapefruit scented one, and unfortunately, the scent is REALLY strong, that it's kind of overpowering to use constantly in the winter, especially when you're sick or something.

  5. dommage pour les chandelles car d'après leur nom elles ont l'air MMmmmm, jadore les chandelles

  6. @ beauty combat : Merci, je l'adore ce cardigan!

    @Hypnotiz3_m3 : Je sais, je suis tellement déçue... au moins elles ne m'ont pas coûté une fortune!

    @Macbella2 : Mais fais vite, ça ne durera pas!

    @Arezu : Aww thank you! Yes I actually prefer to wear it with a belt to cinch it at the waist to camouflage the weird cut. Oh really? I like when I can smell my body products but if you say it's overpowering, that's never good ):

    @Anik: Je sais, moi aussi, mais bon ):

  7. Ah c'est plate que tes chandelles sentent pas beaucoup. Hier je suis allee m'en acheter tout plein, dont une Betty Crocker! Une petite, qui sont vendu a l'equivalent du Dollarama ici. Elle sent le chocolat blanc, mais j'ai pas encore allumer...

    San Francisco c'etait bien avant, dans le temps que ca appartenait au groupe qui avait les Ailes de la Mode, mais quand ils ont vendu a Fairweather, la qualite a droppe. Pour les Ailes aussi d'ailleurs :( C'est dommage, c'etait des beaux magasines de chez nous!

  8. I love the cardigan and sweater. There is nothing better than warm clothing in winter, I live in my knitwear!!

    I purchased the shea butter the other day because my legs are super dry! So far no huge improvement for me but maybe that's because I'm so lazy lol :-) Hope its working better for you!

  9. hey! Both the cardigan and the sweater look so cool. But I'm inclining more towards the cardigan. It's a huge haul I see!!

  10. That cardigan is so cute & it looks very warm and cozy! :)

  11. Love the first cardigan - what a great deal!

    Shame about the candles - capitalizing on the popularity of those brands but not delivering strong scents :-(

    The Body Shop butters were an AMAZING deal, especially the 400 ml ones. They should last you a long while.

  12. wow ton kit avec avec le cardigan c'est vraiment trop beau il te va bien! :)

  13. Love that cardigan! Looks so cozy!

  14. Looks like a productive shopping trip. I like the SF knit cardigan on you. I bet it's comfy.


  15. Love The Body Shop package! Looks sooooo cute! Im waiting my TBS parcel to arrive, gonna be disappointed if it won't be as pretty as yours;D

  16. ooo jaime ton knit cardigan! surtout pour ce prix la =OOO je vais faire un tour dans ce magasin

  17. insane 400ml jumbo size! We don't have them in hongkong and what a deal to get them on promotion!!! I love the tone and style of the first khaki/taupe sweater! looks good on you! have a nice day~* :)

  18. @Ms Bubu: J'ai vu sur plusieurs blogs que les petites chandelles de Betty Crocker se trouvaient au Dollarama mais je crois que j'ai bien fait de me retenir vu leur qualité. Ça dépend peut-être des senteurs? J'espère que tu auras plus de chance que moi! Je ne savais pas que San Francisco avait changé de propriétaire, je ne crois pas avoir déjà mis les pieds dans ce magasin avant.

    @Becks : Oh really? Well I *think* the Shea body butter did help the overall dryness on my body and even my eczema a bit but I will continue to use it and see how it goes. Do you apply it every day, right after the shower?

    @Nivedita : It's a huge haul but at least it didn't leave me broke =P

    @Ella Pretty Blog: I've been using the Shea body butter (jumbo size) for around 4 days now and there's only a little dent in it! It should last me a long time, yey!

    @Supergirl : Ooooh I can't wait to read your post! Did you took advantage of the promotion too?

    @petitechouxx : Fais vite, à ce prix-là, ça part vite!

    @Jacq : I didn't even know they had this jumbo size, and it's really jumbo! I still can't believe my luck to being able to snag some for only $10... that sucks it's not available in Hong Kong ):

  19. Love the cardigan, looks great on you. I think you'll be happy with these body butters. My favourite scent is Satsuma, but they are all nice. Let us know your thoughts!

  20. wow that's a lot of body butters =)
    For some reason I never seem to feel any kind of difference between those b.butters that are designed for dry/very dry skin and those that are just for moisturizing.. Maybe you will though but my guess is that you wont have to worry about that too much =) you can try the small I think 60ml ones if you want to try the non dry/very dry skin scents =)

  21. Damnit I thought I did comment on here but I guess not....
    Yay for all those body butters! I hope you think them. I need to pick up a new one soon.Lol whoa that really is jumbo!!!
    As soon as as I saw the pictures of those candles I was thinking omg those look like they would smell sooo good... To bad they sucked. I hate that.
    What is giant tiger??