November 11, 2011

Mail of the Week (November 7 - 11)

Deborah Lippmann Shake Your Groove Thing: The new Deborah Lippmann 2011 holiday collection has just been released and I've been very kindly given the opportunity to review a polish from this collection. Of course, I had a super hard time deciding which one I should go for but I finally opted for this one because I don't really own a glitter gold nail polish and the description of the shade by Deborah herself won me over: "We have seen so many large sequins in fashion I wanted to make the most full-on gold ever. Shake Your Groove Thing is all large sequined glitter in gold with nothing but a clear base. It’s holiday in a bottle!"

Nail Art Stamping Kit from BornPrettyStore: Jayce generously sent me this stamping in which there's 108 designs to choose from, how amazing! I have never tried Konad before and I'm super excited to give this a try!

Samples from The Great Canadian Soap Co.: I don't really remember how I got these samples, I think you just have to sign up for their mailing list and you will receive the form to fill out by email. I was sent a sample of their Ylang Ylang & Lavender Soap and some samples of their Great Outdoors Shampoo.

Grandoe SensorTouch Gloves: How annoying is it to always have to remove your gloves to use your cellphone in the winter when it's freezing? Well now, you can always keep your hands warm while using your touchscreen device with Grandoe's SensorTouch gloves powered by Knit Fingertip Technology! How amazing is that? I have never heard of those gloves before but I couldn't refuse the opportunity to try them!

2012 PETA Rescued Calendar: This year's calendar features beautiful animal portraits along with the heartwarming stories of how the pictured animals were rescued. Each month also features animal rights-related anniversaries and victories.You can order this calendar here for $12.

December issue of Glamour

♫ Where You Wanna Go - Mischa Daniels ft. J-Son


  1. Lucky girl!!!!!! :)

    J'adore cette chanson, je me tanne pas :)

  2. Totally looks like sequins! That is very gorgeous in the bottle!!! I can't wait to see what it is like once applied!
    The nail stamping kit is really cool! I want to get one :)
    OMG YOU HAVE THE TOUCH SCREEN GLOVES!!! Lol I want a pair soo bad since I ALWAYS Have to take my mitts off and it's crazy annoying, enjoy those:)

  3. I'm excited to see your review on the deborah lippman nailpolish!
    Also the rescue cats calendar is adorable!! :)

    p.s. i also saw your pikachu costume in another post and it was cute hahaa.

  4. Bienvenue dans le monde fantastique du Konad. J'aimerais bien essayer un vernis de Deborah Lippmann, il y a la couleur Candy Shop que j'aime beaucoup, mais ça se vend juste dans un kit à 42$.

  5. pour le vernis il me semble que c'est celui que tu portais à la soirée du groupe Marcelle , il est super et en passant tu était tres belle et pour tes cheveux si c'est toujours toi qui les coupe je te dis chapeaux ta coupe était digne d'un grand salon de coiffure .

  6. Ooooo I Always wanted to try the nail stamps!! :)
    Btw do u get the magazine for free too? I know some we do get it or free mmmmmm
    Wat about the calendar, do they have different themes each year or it's always about rescued animals? :)

  7. I want the Deborah Lippmann polish!

  8. Your post is such in a Christmas mood! Love that nail polish:)

  9. How cool! We both got a nail stamper at the same time, except mine is from Amazon. :) Fab mail & love the Christmas header.

  10. How come you always get pretty things in your mail? I never get anything but bills! SIGHHHH....

    I love some kind of haul posts like this. I just made my first haul post. Do come and visit when you have the time. I think you'll like it. ^_^

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  11. lucky girl indeed! gaby!!! i like your xmas themed layout! love!!

  12. ooh! I've always wanted to try out nail stamps, those look like fun. That polish is so beautiful and what a great time of year for gold glitter! :o)

  13. Would love to know how the nail stamp set is! I always want to try these! I've put them on my xmas list.

    Lucy x

  14. can't wait for the deborah lippmann polish post... yay for your christmas header. I love christmas soooo much yay xoxox

  15. Wish I could smell those soaps, especially the Great Outdoors!