October 17, 2011

Work It! Express Business Suits

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Express. All opinions are 100% mine.

I don't have any business suit (why would I need some?) but I must say I find them very sexy. I could almost say that I envy people who get to wear a business suit on a daily basis! I guess for them, they would envy me for wearing jeans to work... anyway, life being life, we are never happy with what we have.

Express makes me lust after those suits even more with their wide selection of fashionable women's suits. Oh but they do also carry men's suits - in fact, Express has the suits that every man/woman needs, from the Executive to the Professional and even the Creative Professional!

Because Express' business suits are so beautiful and fashionable, it's easy to go from work to play, every day!


Women's Studio Stretch Jacket & Editor Pants $69.90 - $98.00

This is definitely one of my favorite suit from Express. I think it is sexy as the cut looks perfect but it still looks formal, thanks to the perfect grey color. For me, it's really important that a suit fits perfectly your body! I would absolutely wear the jacket on a night out, maybe with some skinny jeans.

I will be sure to keep Express on my mind if I ever need a business suit. Be sure to visit their website, I tell you, you will be overwhelmend by the vast selection!


To make it even better, Express are currently hosting an Express sweepstakes on their Facebook page for a chance to win a $500 suiting makeover!

What do you think of Express busines suits? Which suit do you love and why?

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  1. ohh how I love business suits too! I agree they are very sexy! I'd be jumping lee everyday if he came home in one! haha I love it when he comes home from work in his work clothes with his coveralls on.. yummm haha :-P

  2. I actually love Express' suiting. I wear Editor pants everyday. The only "issue" I have with them is I have little incentive to go buy more of them because they last for freakin' EVER and they're classic style so you can wear them for years. In fact, I haven't bought any new Editor pants from them since 2008, but I wear them nearly every day to work. I keep crossing my fingers a button will pop off or a hem will fall so I have an excuse to go get a couple new pairs LOL

  3. I love business suits...and can't wait to wear one when I'm a grown up haha!!
    LOVE the new header aswell!!


    LoveFaye xoxo

  4. Sounds exciting! I love Express. I also love your Halloween Graphic. XOXO

  5. Je me souviens être allée chez Express à New York. C'est une belle boutique.

  6. I think I would have to agree with you on the Women's Studio Stretch Jacket & Editor Pants, I REALLY like that! But maybe more in black. I also do not have to dress up for work,even at my old job I didn't have to be as fancy as a suit but I think they are so nice and I would feel pretty confident in one of those suckers and that would be a good feeling!

  7. J'aime les business suits! J'pense que j'aimerais etre agent de bord juste pour avoir a mettre un uniforme. Si j'en mettais un au travail j'aurais lair trop habillee :(

  8. I like their dress pants :) I have no need for a suit, yet, but I have found lots of separate pieces there that I like.

  9. @TheMissTwist: Is there anything sexier than a man in a business suit? LOL!

    @ Sarah S. : Ahahah well that's not really what I would call an issue LOL! I never doubt of their quality but you just confirmed how amazing they are!

    @ LoveFayexoxo : I would looooove to wear one to go to work too!

    @Venus Loves Virgo : Glad you love my Halloween graphic! Thank you!

  10. I think business wear for women is very sexy - especially pencil skirts!!! I love the red colour overcoat and dress that the model is wearing in the first picture. The red is just so vibrant and beautiful! You're right - a blazer would look great paired with skinny jeans. It gives it a more polished look which I have been doing a bit lately especially since our weather is cooling down quickly!