September 20, 2011

100 Things: Part IX

81. vintage packagings

82. maple syrup

83. (vegetarian) sushis

84. sleek straight hair

85. angel wings

86. sundae

87. popcorn

88. plushes

89. sunny days

9o. handwritten letters

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Pictures are from wehartit


  1. I love hand written letters. I think they're just something so personal and magical that one can treasure forever and now they seem to have disappeared with the digital age!

  2. Loving these posts :)
    all the pictures are gorgeous too!! x

  3. I really enjoy these posts!! :] I also love vintage packaging! and most everything else on this page! lol

  4. Woww great stuff...even I love popcorn & sundae <3

  5. I get so excited whenever I see that you've posted one of these =)

  6. Love these all, too~ wish I had the pain tolerance to get wings on my back :)

  7. Hi Gaby! Oh I remember the angel wings tattoo that you've been thinking of for sometime :)
    Plush toys are so cute! I know you love Mario characters.
    I've been tired of my straight hair actually since my hair is getting too long now. I really should trim it but it's a good length for making large curls which I love to do. I just wish I had the patience to curl my hair nicely or style it really nicely everyday ;)
    I'm a sucker for cute or vintage packaging as well :)

  8. I love the idea of this series! It's so sweet and personal. I can see we have a lot in common :) And now I'm really wanting some waffles! Great post, can't wait to see the rest :)

  9. I love looking at pretty photos like these...the maple syrup and waffles really make me hungry!!

    I gave you a blog award by the way! Check out my post on it here!


  10. I love vintage packaging and handwritten letters too.:D

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  11. i also love handwritten letters and i love makis! and the fattening sundae.. haha

  12. Popcorn dog! so cute!
    I love the angel wings...and hand written letters, I never get those anymore!