July 15, 2011

Mail of the Week (July 11 - 15)

My prize from Minnie's giveaway: I was extremely lucky to win a selection of MAC products of my choice from Minnie! I just couldn't believe it when she announced me as the winner of her amazing giveaway, as I could never afford MAC products with my tight University student budget. Here's what I received:

  • Crème Cup Cremesheen Lipstick (light blue pink)
  • Fleur Power Powder Blush (soft bright pinkish-coral)
  • Bronze Eye Shadow (gold brown with gold-bronze shimmer)
  • Ebony Eye Pencil (soft black)
  • Just Superb Cremesheen Glass (dirty neutral pink)
L - R: Fleur Power, Bronze, Ebony, Just Superb, Crème Cup

Thank you sooooo much Minnie!!!

My prize from Catherine's giveaway: When Catherine featured this cute Vaseline tin in one of her recent haul posts, I was so sad that we don't have Superdrugs here in Quebec! I haven't even found the little tins anywhere neither. So she kindly decided to host a giveaway and I was one of the three lucky winners! Here's what I received:

  • Vaseline storage tin
  • Vaseline Lip Therapy 
  • Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips with Rose and Almond Oil
  • Vaseline Lip Therapy with Cocoa Butter
  • Vaseline Lip Therapy with Aloe Vera
  • Swizzels Maltow Double Dip Orange and Cherry
  • Love Hearts

Thank you Catherine! =D

New Jergens Naturals Aloe Soothing Body Moisturizer with Cucumber: I was given the opportunity to try and review this new moisturizer from Jergens. I was happily surprised to learn that this range is cruelty-free (or are all Jergens products cruelty-free?) and it is also made with 94% natural ingredients. I'm curious to see how it will help with my eczema.

My Apothica order: I placed my order on July 6, it was shipped on July 7 and I received it the next Monday, July 11 - talk about fast delivery! Here's what I ordered:

  • Too Faced Leopard Love Complexion Perfection Kit
  • XEN-TAN Deep Bronze Instant Self-Tan 
  • Avène Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream
With every Apothica order you make come some samples. This time I received a sample of The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil and some band-aids in a very handy little Avène packaging to keep in my handbag.

peta2's I am Not a Nugget Leggings: The moment I saw these leggings featuring the cute Nugget, I knew I had to have them and didn't hesitate to redeem 7000 Street Team points for a pair. These leggings are claimed to be comfy and made of a thicker material than most other leggings on the market, but I was a little disappointed when I tried them on. I ordered them in Small but they are a little loose and not as fitting as I thought they would be, and they also didn't really appear to be especially warm.

PETA's Vegan College Cookbook: I hesitated a long time before ordering this book because from the reviews I read on the net, it seemed like a very average cookbook because some of the recipes aren't even recipes (like grilled cheese, salsa, etc). I decided to order it anyway because it was free (it "costed" me 8000 Street Team points) but it's available in the PETA catalog for $14.99. I received it today so I haven't had the time to properly read it yet, but I'm very eager to try those recipes!

August 2011 issue of Cosmopolitan

August 2011 issue of Glamour

♥ What Them Girls At - David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj, Flo Rida


  1. Love these posts im so nosry lol. What a brilliant prize all that mac you must be over the moon xx

  2. Ohh you're luck! I never ever win ANYTHING!
    I love your photography...it's much much better...have you changed cameras?
    That blush looks so nice and that Too Faced trio of blushes. Divine.
    Have a fab weekend Gaby. XX

  3. I think I think this everytime I read your mail of the week... can we trade mail boxes? lol. You got some wicked stuff! The Mac looks amazing, the bronze eye shadow is gorgeous!!
    I really want to try those Vaseline tins! so cute =) i highly doubt they will be around here ever but so cute.
    I totally want to try the Xen-Tan!!I eye it all the time and should just order some.
    I love the not a nugget leggings! I got my stickers in the mail the other day =) and not to be too repetitive, the where them girls at is a great song!

  4. oooh love all your prizes!!!!

  5. this post reminds me that i need more pinks =]


  6. wow you are getting so much stuff, and they are awesome. I hope to see a review on Too Faced Leopard Love Complexion Perfection Kit (which was very long to write) soon :)

    PS I gave you a blog award. Check http://krispytincan.blogspot.com/2011/07/i-won-blog-award.html

  7. you always get the best mail lol! congrats on winning the mac prize!! lucky girl!

  8. congratulations! I've been eyeing fleurpower for a while now. It looks like a gorgeous color on your skin tone!

  9. Woww the mac goodies look great!!! Lucky girl!!!

  10. great post everything looks fab! love the too faced and mac things :) xx

  11. you have an amazing taste in make up and fake tan! oh and music too, bloody love this song.

    Helen, X

  12. every time I come across your blog you are winning something! lucky girl! :)

  13. waa.. you are soo lucky dear..
    win so many giveaway..
    enjoy your goodies ;)

  14. OMG you are so lucky Gab!!
    geeeeh that's a lot!
    Congrats for winning *jealous* LOL


  15. Awesome prizes :)

    I didn't know Apothica always gives samples with orders. I have ordered from them a few times and I never got samples. Hmph. Maybe it is a Canada thing :D

  16. Hi Gaby! I saw your comment on my forever21 lipsticks post. I checked the forever21 website, and they're still available for purchase: http://www.forever21.com/product.asp?catalog_name=FOREVER21&category_name=Beauty_Makeup&Page=1&product_id=1081258427&utm_source=GCS&utm_medium=base&utm_campaign=product_feed

    I'm not sure if they ship to Canada, but I hope so! :) Hope that helps!

  17. Congrats on your awesome prize!!

  18. EK your prizes are amazing! congrats

  19. Congrats on winning! I've seen that giant Vaseline tin in Superdrug- might pick one up sometime! It's adorable :)

  20. Ah, you've got lots of lovely mail!!! Those MAC items you picked out are gorgeous! I like your pink picks. hehe.

  21. I own the very same mac blush and use it so often. I have to go get the shadow:)

  22. Gaby gets great mail, amazing as always :)

  23. @nicoletta: Haul posts are my favorite, that's why I decided to do these "mail haul" posts, I'm glad you like them! Yes of course I'm abasolutely thrilled at all the MAC! =D

    @ Mercedes- Ms Purple Make-up : Well I do enter lots of interesting giveaways, and maybe I'm just lucky? =P No I haven't changed cameras, but I've learned about some settings I didn't know excited LOL and maybe it also helps that in the summer, I take my pictures in the direct sunlight? The blush is soooo pretty, I'm very lucky to have won it! The Leopard Love palette is a little disappointing because of the sheerness of the leopards but it's still pretty (:

    @TEA aka MonsterGirl: Ahhh no I don't want to switch mail boxes, I love mine so much ahah! I still can't believe I won all that MAC, I could never afford even half of it! I absolutely didn't know which eyeshadow to order so I went for a trusty shade and well, I guess you can't go wrong with MAC? I'm also very happy with the Vaseline tins because I haven't seen them around them and I also doubt they will be available. They are so handy for the handbag, and the storage tin is super cute! Yes it took me some time before ordering something from XEN-TAN, everything seems so pricey! That's a shame we don't have St-Moriz here ): At first, I thought the leggings were disappointing but I've grown to love them, even though I'm not sure I will wear them in the winter. Yey for stickers!

    @Miss Tapia : Aww me too! =D

    @NANCYXO : A girl always needs more pinks hehe!

    @ KrispyTinCan: Yes I am already planning my review of the Leopard Love Kit, I love it espite its sheerness. It's just so pretty! Thanks for the award!

    @Donna ♥ Baby : Aww thank you! =D

    @ Kelly : I love it, it's absolutely stunning! I think I've found myself a new favorite blush (:

    @Rakhshanda : Everything is amazing!

    @ www.Victoria-Gabrielle.com : The Too Faced it is gorgeous and I love everything I got from MAC (:

    @ Vintage Makeup: Isn't it absolutely gorgeous?

    @are you dressing up or dressing down : Thank you! I was waiting for the video of the song (:

    @ Justine (Productrater) : I know, maybe I should stop entering giveaways? But yes, I'm super lucky and grateful for that!

    @Sarah Mar'atul Azizah : I know ahah! Thank you (:

    @Diane: Thank you hun!

    @Katherine: Oh really? Well I don't know, I always receive random samples with every order, but maybe there's a minimum value in order to receive samples?

    @dontcallmejessie : Aww that's very kind of you Jessie! I did find them on the USA website but they won't ship to Canada ):

    @Katie : Thanks hun!

    @Sidrah!!!!: Thank you so much! (:

    @Beauty By Rosh x : It's not available here, that's why I was excited to win it, not to mention I looooove Vaseline =D

    @tiffyama: I love thme too hehe! Creme Cup and Fleur Power are amazing!

    @bettzy93 : Isn't it beautiful? They eyeshadow is pretty too (:

    @Tracy D : Aww thanks Tracy! (:

  24. Congrats on the wins Gaby! I love the colors you picked from the MAC win - they're super pretty. Love the Too Faced leopard set you got too!

  25. HI Gaby! Wow you're always so lucky to win so many contests :) MAC Creme Cup lipstick is one of my favourite lipsticks everrr, and like yourself I haven't heard of or seen those small vaseline tins of lipgloss anywhere either.
    Your blush and bronzer from apothica looks so pretty in the packaging with the leopard print :)

  26. you are soo lucky winning soo many giveaways!!! omg i envy you ^^..and the vaseline giveaway is the cutest thing EVER!!! i would love to get my hands on that but sad that they dont have it here in canada? =[.....


  27. What a great MAC giveaway to win...lucky girl!

    Just "followed" your blog & we'd love for you to visit ours & do the same!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  28. I have eczema, might try the Jergens moisturiser! now following

  29. Wow, pour vrai t'as vraiment gagnée des trop beaux prix! Le truc la les genre de baume Vaseline, c'est chouette! Et le livre College Cook Book, ça me prendrais ça! Je pars au résidence l'année prochaine et j'aimerais ça manger végé (puisque enfin je pourrais) car je serais seule dans mon épicerie!

  30. Oooh Gaby, you're a lucky girl!
    Btw, love your X-massy header.

    LeeAnne, Style N Season