July 06, 2011

June in Pictures


  1. Is that a black ladybug? How cool! :)

  2. Love these posts :)
    You look gorgeous in the black dress!

  3. loved the pics. your so pretty!


  4. Cute pics! How yummy is the salad with the olives and almonds!! Yum! x

  5. You look stunning in that black dress. :) You're a lovely couple.

  6. fab pics! love the black dress its so glam xx

  7. That black dress really really suits you. And you and your man look so sweet together!! :)


  8. @Vintage Makeup : Yes, I thought she looked pretty cool and unique, I'm lucky I could reach for my camera before she flew away!

    @ LOOK! FLYING MONKEYS! : I'm glad you like these posts! Thanks for the lovely compliment (:

    @MaviDeniz : Awww thanks hun!

    @UrbanMermaid : Totally! It was delicious (:

    @Pammy : Thank you =D

    @ www.Victoria-Gabrielle.com : Thanks! I still have to wear it to actually go out hehe!

    @Carla : Aww thank you!

  9. Great pictures!
    Looking very pretty in your LBD :)

  10. Jealous about the game soundtrack! And that black dress is totally fierce :)

  11. omg zelda!!! I used to play that all the time on N64 :P

    love all the pics!


  12. whoa a black and yellow ladybug!! (which i doubt is even a ladybug lol)
    and that salad looks delicious! I love green olives :]

  13. Aw, looks like you've had a great month! That black dress looks stunning on you btw! :D

  14. love those pictures!! you are beautiful =) is that you and your bf?cute!
    haha Zelda is awesome!The food looks good! I always like looking at food pictures..probably because I am always hungry?
    and the lady bug wow that is crazy looking...

  15. Hi Gaby! You look fantastic in the pictures with your boyfriend - I love how you look in a ball cap and the striped top looks nice yet casual on you :) And the ruched black clubbing dress is very sexy too!
    Zelda was one of the games I really enjoyed playing as a teenager back in the Nintendo 64 days :P

  16. @ Catherine: Thanks hun!

    @Ess-Jay24 : Aww thank you! I haven't even properly wore it to go out, actually hehe!

    @Larie: I can't believe I came accross this offer just in time, one day later and I would have missed out! Can't wait to receive it (:

    @Love Camie: Thank you (:

    @ Shayla : Me too, it's my favorite video game ever, that's why I was soooo happy when the boyfriend bought me the 3DS with the game, but we ended up returning it because the 3D sucks so much z=

    @Cerina : I thought it looked so special... but I thought it was a ladybug LOL! Green olives are yummy (:

    @Beauty By Krystal: Well it was a pretty average month but I've had some great times!

    @TEA aka MonsterGirl : Yes it's my boyfriend =P I don't know why but I took the habit to snap pictures of my food... maybe it's because I constantly see people on other blogs do it? But I want to start a vegetarian series somedays, so I keep these pictures on my computer meanwhile (:

    @Karen Law: Hi Karen! Are you finally back? Ball cap is the way to go for me in the summer when my hair is just a mess - such a life saver hehe! I yet have to go clubbing with that dress though =P I looooove Zelda: Ocarina of Time, it's my all time favorite game! I finished the 3D version in three days and we ended up returning the 3DS because the 3D sucks so much ):

  17. love this post- you look gorgeous! x

  18. June looks like it's been a fun month! I kept staring at that yummy salad!!

  19. You look so beautiful, and you and your bf are so cute together. I love all the things you hauled, including the DS. :)

  20. I think you've missed your calling, you should be a photographer..you have the coolest perspective in your photos, love it!